Why Your Air Conditioner Sounds Like Water Running: A Complete Guide

Are you worried that your air conditioner sounds like water running? In the guide below, I will take you through different air conditioner sounds, how to identify and handle them.

Despite being a luxury, air conditioners serve various purposes, making them essential appliances either in offices or at home.

When its humid and temperatures are hot, air conditioners function to provide us with clean air to breathe.

Most air conditioners are a luxury, and due to this fact, most of them nowadays are quieter than before.

It would be the last thing to expect noise from them than peace and comfort.

If your air conditioning is making noises such as water dripping, splashing, or even gurgling, surely you are not the 1st to experience such since it is an AC common problem.

There are several reasons why your air conditioner sounds like water running. Such reasons should not be ignored since they can turn into a major expensive repair or a unit replacement.

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Why Your Air Conditioner Sounds Like Water Running And How To Fix It.

Different ACs in the market are built and function differently though the objective they achieve is the same.

Some ACs are self-evaporating; in that, they evaporate the condense once it accumulates in the condensate pan, while others are designed in such a way that the condensate drains out of the drain pan via the drain pipe.

Whichever the model, they are all created in such a way that the drain pan is never full of condensate and overflowing.

Once you start noticing air conditioner sounds such as continuous running water sounds, then it is obvious there is a problem with either the condensate line or the drip pan.

It means your AC is not evaporating the condensate or draining it as needed, leading to a buildup of the same.

The noises happen when the drip pan is full and not emptied or when the drain line is clogged, causing the condensate line not to drain as required.

If you do not empty the drip pan, then it will overflow and drain into your ceiling and walls.

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Fixing The Water Running Sounds In Your AC.

1.    Turning Off The AC.

Air Conditioner Sounds Like Water Running

To avoid the risk of an electric shock, it will be critical to turning off the AC at the thermostat and breaker panel.

Also, to prevent the condensate dripping while you empty the pan, it is advisable too to switch the AC off.

2.    Checking The Drip Pan.

Once the pan is full, it will lead to an overflow. The overflow, without doubt, will pool into your home.

To avoid such inconveniences, please empty the drip pan to reduce the overrun.

3.     Cleaning Of The Condensate Line.

An overflowing drip pan is an indication of a clogged condensate line.

Once the drain line is cleaned, and clogs are removed, then the risk of drip pan overflowing is drastically reduced.

4.    Checking The Condensate Pump.

Once you have cleaned your condensate line and no clogs seen and yet there is an overflow, then there is an issue with the condensate pump.

A broke condensate pump can lead to an overflowing drip pan.

Since you cannot fix this at home alone, it is advisable to call an AC technician to come and repair the broken part of the pump.

5.    Replacing Your AC Air Filter.

Dirt filled filters can block airflow to the evaporator coil of your AC.

As a result, the coil may end up freezing and dripping the excess water into the drip pans once it melts.

To avoid such scenarios, it’s advisable to change the filters at least every two months or so.

6.    Monitoring Your AC Refrigerant Levels.

Just like dirty air filters, low AC refrigerant can cause the coils to freeze and drain any excess water when thawed.

Once you start to hear hissing or bubbling noises its will be right to call a technician immediately since this is a sign of leaking refrigerant, which is poisonous to humans.

Other Water Like Sounds Inside Your AC Unit.

1.    Dripping Water Sound

Air Conditioner Sounds Like Water Running

A dripping sound in your AC is one of the characteristic sounds you will hear if your AC is functioning and more so on hot, humid days.

It is occasioned by the fact that inside an AC, there are condensing coils, which cool down the air, and it’s natural for moisture to build up in the AC in the process of cooling the air.

The moisture content is called condensate and is collected in a dripping pan.

During scorching days, the dripping will be more frequent as the cooling cycle is higher, thus more water droplets.

Some systems are made in a way that they can evaporate the condensate while others drain it to the outside via drain pipes.

If the noises are too much, you can empty the condensate pan.

If, after emptying, the sound is still persistent, it’s an indication of a bigger problem, and you may need to have a technician check it out for you.

2.  Bubbling Or Gurgling Sound.

A bubbling or gurgling sound from your AC is usually an indication that there is a pressure issue.

Low pressure is an indication of a refrigerant leak, while too much pressure is an indication of a refrigerant overcharge.

Anytime there is an incorrect refrigerant level, it also means there will be an imbalance of pressure, thus leading to air getting inside the unit to areas it should not, leading to the bubbling or gurgling noises.

In most cases, this problem is beyond your Fix-It at the home scope, and as a result, the only choice you have is to call an expert who is well trained to handle such to come and diagnose while offering a solution to the issue.

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3.    Hissing Sound.

A hissing sound is an indication of 3 issues in your AC.

First, it could mean there is a refrigerant leak.

This leak happens when the copper refrigerant lines in your AC have holes or even cracks that are releasing the pressurized gas out.

The other reason for hissing sound is the compressor problem. If the compressor has malfunctioned, high pressure inside it can make it produce hissing sounds.

Last but not the least reason is, internal valve leak. When the compressor valve leaks, a hissing sound will be noticed too.

Final Thoughts On Why Your Air Conditioner Sounds Like Water Running

Continuous air conditioner sounds can be very bothersome more so the water running sounds, among others, mentioned above.

Fortunately, above are some of the ways to fix the noises to enable you to have a peaceful and noise-free home/office.

As you are aware, a leaking AC system can lead to extensive damages to your home and the unit at large, leading to expensive repairs.

To avoid such scenarios and to ensure your unit is working efficiently, scheduled preventive maintenance will sort you out.

The maintenance will include changing of filters, cleaning the unit, repairs, and replacement of any broken parts.

Both the refrigerant levels and the drainage system of the AC will be checked to prevent any water-related technicalities.

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