Glow In The Dark Paint: How Long Does It Last?

What Is Glow In The Dark Paint?

Glow in the dark paint and how long it lasts depends on several factors that I will take you through in the below guide.

Glow in the dark paint, also known as phosphorescent paint, is a paint that glows a greenish-blue or dull green color when it is dark.

The paint usually emits visible light, fading over time, depending on how long the painted object has been to a light source.

The phosphors in the paint are the key to the glowing.

Despite its popularity in recent years, this type of paint has been around for an extended period.

It has and is still in use in children’s toys, Halloween costumes, painting children’s walls, among others.

Due to its cost compared to other regular paints, many people have questioned its durability and worthiness.

The buyers/users of the glow in the dark paint are very keen to know how much the glow will last.

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How Does Glow In The Dark Paint Function?

Glow in the dark paints are usually infused with phosphors.

When energized via UV rays mostly from the sun, the phosphors illuminate, creating a visible light in the darkness.

Sunlight is the most preferred mode of charging the phosphors.

Once charged for a continuous period, it means the glow will be equally almost the same before it fades.

How Long Does The Glow In The Dark Paint Last?

There is no standard life span of the glow in the dark paint. Various factors determine how long the glow will last.

The durability depends on the type of the product, the uses, location, and situation, among other factors.

For us to come into a conclusive answer, we will have to evaluate the various factors which determine how long the glow will last.

1.    Unopened Can Of Glow In The Dark Paint

How Long Does Glow In The Dark Paint Last?

A well-sealed can of glow in the dark paint should last for at least two years without its performance being affected.

Nowadays, most of the paint manufacturers have put much effort into the packaging to ensure consumers get the best of the paint.

Some paints have been proved to last for even up to five years if not opened.

2.    Glow After Application

Outdoor objects with glow in the dark paint can shine for more than ten years. Its durability is also dependent on the surface condition to which the paint was applied.

Smooth surfaces, together with the right powder, can serve the purpose for a more extended period.

In addition to a smooth surface and right powder, you will need a good quality sealer.

The sealer will help your paint to last longer than expected since it protects the phosphors’ breakdown.

Either way, at the end of it all, we cannot avoid the paint’s fading in the long run.

3.    Glow After Recharging Once

Glow in the dark paint can be recharged as many times as one can.

The glowing time is so much dependent on how long you have charged the paint.

If charged under the sunlight, the glow can last up to 4 hours.

As earlier indicated, the paint can last up to 10 years on outdoor conditions, before it starts to show signs of fading.

Nevertheless, every time you charge the paint within the 10 years, the glow will be like new.

Charging Glow In The Dark Paint.

You can charge objects painted with glow in the light paint either by natural or artificial light. Natural lights include sunlight, while artificial include UV flashlights.

Honestly speaking, household lights will not be able to charge the glow paint efficiently. For the brightest and long-lasting glow, sunlight is the best option.

Just place your object with the glow in the paint under direct sunlight for 3-4 hours to be fully charged.

For the paint to charged fully, the light should be direct and be of consistent strength. Shadows and inconsistency of light, especially during sunset, will affect the paint’s charging, thus affecting the glow.

Glow in the paint meant to be charged via sunlight cannot be charged via LED lights.

Besides, most of the cheaply available glow in the dark paints will not glow when charged artificially.

Therefore, if you are tight on budget, it means sunlight will be the only means to charge your paint.

Therefore, it is always advisable before purchasing any paint; you confirm the mode of charging, and how long it will serve you.

Here are Some of the Glow in the Dark Painting Tips:

1.      Lighter Background For Brighter Glow.

How Long Does Glow In The Dark Paint Last

If it were within our capacity as consumers of glow in the dark paint, we would want to be possible to paint the surface any color and the glow to be as long.

But the truth is, this is not possible. Lighter backgrounds are suitable for a brighter glow.

Most of the glow we see is a reflection of light, meaning light colors reflect light, while dark or dull colors absorb light.

Since glow in the paint does emit light, it means that when painted on a lighter background, the light will bounce off the white surface towards the viewer.

The opposite is also exact; when painted on dark surfaces, some light will be absorbed back and will not reflect towards the viewer.

Glow in the dark paint, painted on a lighter background and charged for at least 30 minutes, will glow for long and bright.

If the paint is painted on a dark background, it will shine brighter sooner you turn the light off but will fade very quickly.

2.    Use Less Paint Than You Need.

Start with a very thin coating when painting. If need be, you can add more. Thin layers of paint will make smooth and cool coloring.

Thick coats of paint will make it difficult for you to achieve an evenly painted surface.

It is advisable to apply many thin layers of paint than thick fewer coats.

3.    Drying Between Coats

The application of the paint should not be continuous. Layer after layer is the trick.

Please give each layer of paint at least 15-30 minutes to dry before applying another layer.

For better results, let the painted coat dry first.  When you paint over paint, which has not dried, the glow of the coat will vanish.

For quicker results, a hair drier can come in handy.

4.    Additional Coats

​​At a minimum, at least three coats can do a good job.

If you want more brightness, the application of more layers will do you justice.  The more the coats, the better.

The use of many thin coats will give you a better and longer glowing effect.

Most Common FAQs

1.    Is Glow In The Paint Brighter Than LED

Glow in the paint cannot replace our regular household bulbs as a source of light since the paints are merely coatings and cannot be as bright as light.

Even though the paint glows in such a way that items in the dark are visible, its no way brighter than the LED.

2.    Can I Charge A Wet Glow In The Dark Paint?

If the paint is still wet, it will not glow effectively. So, the answer is no. You cannot charge a damp paint.

Glow in the dark paint needs to be well dried and then the object placed under direct light for charging.

3.    How Long Will It Take For An Object With Glow In The Paint Take To Charge

The charging time is very much dependent on the product. There is no standard time of charging.

But for excellent performance and service, charging the paint for a minimum of 3 hours will be good enough.

Quality paint will not need much time for a pleasant glow.

4.    Is The Paint Safe For Kids?

How Long Does Glow In The Dark Paint Last

Just like all other paints, glow in the dark paints are relatively safe for kids to use.

Phosphors in the paints are harmless unless they are ingested, just like all other toxic elements in the regular paints.

For precaution purposes, it’s advisable just like all other paints to use gloves for the hand protection, goggles for the eyes, and masking for inhalation protection.

The area needs to be well ventilated as well for fresh air. One of the recommended paint is the Premium Glow by the Neon Lights.

Final Thoughts On How Long Does Glow In The Dark Paint Last

How long does glow in the dark paint last is dependent on the above-discussed factors?

Based on the above factors as consumers, we should keep in mind the glow does not last forever, meaning you don’t expect the walls you have painted to keep on shining with only a single application.

Nevertheless, a coat of the paint can last up to a decade before requiring repaint. Besides, the way how the paint has recharged is another crucial factor in the glow.

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