How To Hide A Trail Camera At Home For Security: 10 Hacks To Implement

Many people are not aware that game cameras, aka trail cameras, can be an excellent home security choice. Below are some guidelines and tips on how to hide a trail camera at home for security.

A security camera is the first thing that comes into the mind of anyone planning about their home security.

The thought of your house being broken into or having a stranger outside your home can make you crumble and feel the necessity of installing security cameras.

Unfortunately, many security cameras in the market may be visible to the intruders. This is due to the red light flashing, thus not giving you the optimal protection you might need.

Luckily, on the other hand, we can make use of trail cameras.

Some of the features that make trail cameras excellent for wildlife photographing also makes them a perfect home security choice.

A hidden trail camera in your home could be a better choice to prevent and detect burglars in your home.

In the blog below, I will take you through some of the factors to consider when buying a security camera.

Also, I will guide you on how to hide a trail camera at home for security.

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What Is A Game/Trail Camera?ir?t=betty0f3 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07BHLVXF7

Also known as the game camera, a trail camera is a gadget mainly used to capture wildlife images in the forest, but they are also ideal for home security.

Trail cameras are strategically camouflaged in your property to capture intruders’ videos and photos when you are not around.

The motion of the intruder triggers the cameras, thus capturing images and videos for review.

How Do Trail Cameras Work For Home Security?

Trail cameras have been designed majorly for outdoor use since they can withstand harsh weather patterns.

The cameras are fitted with motion sensors which usually sends an alarm when an animal or intruder comes into contact.

They also have time stamps and can be configured to send both videos and pictures to your phone in real-time.

How To Hide A Trail Camera At Home For Security: 10 Hacks To Implement

In as much as trail cameras are suitable for spotting wildlife, they are equally good for home security.

Placing your camera in prominent places makes them vulnerable to vandalism.

On the other hand, hiding them allows them to achieve their purpose of securing your home entirely.

Below are some of the tips on how to hide a trail camera at home for security.

1)   Disguise Your Trail Camera By Placing It Below Your Eaves /Ceilings

It is not always necessary to place your security camera outside your home or rather outdoor.

You can safely hide your trail camera under the ceilings of your house, and it will not be visible to any intruder.

This is easily achievable if your camera is small in size or if it is a hidden camera.

To ensure it is even less visible, you can paint the camera the same color as your ceiling, making the camera less conspicuous.

2)   Hide/Camouflage Your Trail Camera Inside The Bush Or Trees.

Always make use of the green vegetation around your surveillance area to camouflage your camera and make it invisible.

If your compound has trees or even bushes, this would be an ideal place to hide your trail camera.

Bush or plant leaves can easily conceal the bulk part of the camera.

All you need to ensure is that the leaves do not cover the lenses. This is because the leaves motion may trigger the camera to take blank shots.

Also, ensure the camera is placed in a shaded place to avoid camera lens glares.

Besides, you can place your trail camera up the tree.

Most game cameras are always positioned up high for a better view. The position is ideal since it is not easy for any trespasser to view it.

3)   Disguise Your Trail Cam As A Birds Nest

How To Hide A Trail Camera At Home For Security

Setting up your trail camera inside another object is one of the most remarkable ways to disguise it.

For example, you can set up your camera inside a birdhouse or feeder.

Older feeders are better since they will not catch the attention of intruders easily.

Another option you can use to disguise a trail cam is using a fake rock or a nesting box.

All you need to do is ensure there is an opening on either the bird house or nesting box.

The opening allows the camera lens to record videos and capture photos.

4)   Hide The Camera Inside A Dummy Tree Trunk

Other than being used for aesthetic value, a dummy tree trunk can be used to tuck away a trail cam inside.

Cut a small opening to allow the lens to view your property while the body of the camera is tucked inside the trunk.

5)    Place The Camera In A Hanging Basket

How To Hide A Trail Camera At Home For Security

Hiding a camera in a hanging basket is one of the finest ways to conceal a trail camera in the open.

For a very long time, hanging baskets have been used to decorate our gardens.

They usually make the garden appealing and attractive. The baskets can easily be hung anywhere within the property, making them ideal for setting up your camera.

For instance, you can easily monitor your backyard by hiding a trail camera in a basket and hanging it in the trees facing your backyard.

6)   Acquire More Miniature Sized Wireless Camera

It is effortless to hide a small-sized trail camera, unlike the big ones.

They can easily be hidden inside or outside your house. The fact the camera is wireless is another advantage.

It makes it convenient to hide the camera anywhere without any difficulty.

Since batteries power most wireless cameras, it makes it easy to conceal the camera openly on your driveway or even in the front of your garage, etc.

7)   Lodge A Decoy Camerair?t=betty0f3 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07LF4PNS2

Installation of a decoy camera will divert any property intruder’s attention from the actual camera.

Decoy cameras can be an expensive option. Always go for less costly cameras such that when vandalized, you will not be affected a lot.

Also, you can use old or non-functional cameras as decoy cameras as well.

Always ensure you frame the actual camera so that it can very well monitor a vast area even where the decoy cam is.

8)   Purchase A Sturdy Mounting Box

Even though the main reason for hiding a camera is for it not to be seen easily, many are times when cameras are dismantled and broken by thieves.

To avoid such scenarios and for that extra security, it is prudent to think of additional protection.

There are several mounting boxes in the market for trail cameras that are not easy to break.

Mounting brackets are difficult to break and thus are good for that added security.

9)   Lock Your Camera With A Python 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B007E273MKir?t=betty0f3 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B007E273MK

Python cable is an excellent alternative to lock your trail cam.

The cable will keep our camera safe up to a distance of between 1-6 feet high.

Python cables come packed in a set of 2 to 24 pieces, with each lock keyed the same.

The cable is strong for any unarmed thief to break it.

10)  Buy Non-Glow 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08DJ5WKVQ

For most cameras to take clear photos at night, the presence of a LED flashlight is essential.

However, an LED flashlight can quickly help an intruder know where you have hidden your camera.

Lucky enough, we have many cameras in the market which take photos in the infrared realm at night.

Though expensive, the cameras are safe to use at night.

How to hide a trail camera at home for security: Buying Guide

Below are some of the features to consider when purchasing a trail camera for your home security.

       i. Quality Of The Pictures

By far, wireless trail cameras have good quality images than conventional CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras tend to produce blurred images.

The higher the megapixel, the better the quality of the images captured.

    ii. Camera Lighting

There are three types of camera lighting. We have conventional white lighting, infrared or low glow lighting, and black infrared or no glow lighting.

No glow camera does not emit any visible light. On the other hand traditional lighting does produce a flashlight when taking photos at night. Others also emit a red noticeable alight at night.

No glow light cameras are preferred for that extra security.

  iii. The Battery Life Of The Camera

When scouting for a trail cam, ensure to consider the battery life.

Often the battery life of the camera directly impacts the strength of the signal and connections.

For the cameras which need to be charged, you can always place them near a power source for backup.

All in all, ensure to purchase a camera which is ideal for your needs.

  iv. The Camera Activate/Trigger Speed

Trigger speed is the amount of time taken by a camera to capture a photo once the camera detects motion.

A trigger speed of less than half a second is recommended to avoid instances of empty or unclear images.

Ensure to choose a camera that immediately triggers once it detects a motion.

    v. The Sensing/Detection Range Of The Camera

Different trail cams have diverse detection range.

So other than hiding your camera well, ensure its scope covers the area you want very well.

The detection ranges are between 40 ft. and 120 ft. For broader coverage, ensure to check on both detection ranges and the megapixels of the camera.

  vi. Wi-Fi Trail Cameras

If your camera is Wi-Fi enabled, ensure to install it with the signal range.

On the other hand, if you are using cellular connections, ensure the signals are strong enough.

Wi-Fi-enabled cameras send pictures and videos to your phone as they are captured.

Final Thoughts On How To Hide A Trail Camera At Home For Security

Hiding a trail camera should not be a complex affair from now henceforth.

If you are very keen on hiding that camera, it will be worth trying the above tips on how to hide a trail camera at home for security.

Once placed strategically, trail cameras are very efficient.

Ensure the camera is within a reasonable range, has excellent picture quality and speed. Also ensure it has a good connection, and the battery life is perfect.

Considering the mentioned qualities, a trail cam is proven to be better than conventional security cameras.

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