Simple Steps on How to Stop A Bed from Squeaking?

Probably you’re wondering how to stop your bed from squeaking?

A squeaky bed, either the metal or wooden frame, isn’t just irritating.

The noise can disrupt your sleep pattern and prevent you from feeling rested in the morning.

So how do you fix a squeaky bed and turn it to the quietest bed frame?

Start by examining the box spring frame, fixtures, and floorboards; before applying an appropriate fix, such as tightening the fixtures screws, lubricating the joints, filling gaps, and replacing broken parts.

If your bed frame is squeaky, you will find tips to help you fix it in this article.

Nevertheless, most of these beds are held down with wood screws, and they could be loose.

When squeaking occurs, you need to readjust the bed frame, tighten screws, or lubricate the location where the squeaking is being emitted.

Here’s a quick guide to hunting down that squeak and stopping it once and for all.

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Helpful Hacks on How to Stop A Bed from Squeaking?

How to Stop A Bed from Squeaking

Why do beds squeak?

All beds, whether they’re made of wood or metal, have joints.

If these joints start rubbing against one another because they’ve become loose over time, the friction between the two surfaces as they rub together will cause that characteristic squeak.

This is why you’ll usually get the same squeak every time you move in a certain way.

That is an excellent way to track down exactly where the squeak is coming from – the first part of any solution.

Other reasons could be broken bed slats, old or broken mattress springs, or even the bed being uneven (a real problem in older properties where the floor may not be as ‘flat’ as you’d think!).

You could also discover that the cause of a squeak is the bed or headboard rubbing against the wall or a headboard that hasn’t been fitted correctly and is loose.

How To Pinpoint the Cause Of Your Squeaky Bed

1.    Remove and Test the Mattress

All-foam mattresses will not cause squeaking, so it’s safe to assume the noise is coming from the foundation if you have one.

Innerspring and hybrid mattresses are more prone to noisiness due to their metal springs.

If you have an innerspring or hybrid bed, take the mattress off the bed frame and place it on the floor.

Lay on it, and move around to test for sounds.

If the mattress is making noise, then the issue lies in the metal springs of your mattress.

If it’s your mattress itself making noise, you will likely need to replace it.

You may be able to check with the manufacturer for warranty coverage, but it’s unlikely that most warranties will cover this issue.

If it’s a box spring making noise, it’s likely coming from the metal coils.

In this situation, it’s best to buy a new box spring.

You may also consider if the box spring is necessary since many newer mattresses don’t require – and can even be damaged by – them.

If it’s the bed frame or foundation making the noise, you can try many DIY techniques, as outlined below.

2.    Check The Bed Frame

The most common cause of a squeaky bed is the bed frame.

This is especially common with metal bed frames with bolts that have come loose and wooden frames that aren’t properly fixed together.

To find out if the bed frame is the cause of your squeaky bed, remove the mattress (and box spring if appropriate), and apply pressure to the bed frame in all planes – and look for obvious signs like broken slats, loose bolts, cracked wood, or other structural issues.

Minor issues like loose fittings can be fixed easily by tightening them or filling gaps with cork cuttings, but broken slats or other major structural problems may require you to buy a new bed frame.

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How to Stop A Metal Bed Frame from Squeaking?

# Step 1

Remove the mattress and box spring and locate the source of the squeaking.

Sit on each edge of the bed and bounce until you hear the squeaking.

Check the box spring and any areas where pieces of the frame connect.

# Step 2

Remove the screws and bolts holding the rails and frame together.

Place a plastic washer on each screw, replace the screws and place another washer between the frame and the bolt.

Tighten the bolts.

# Step 3

Spray a petroleum-based lubricant on squeaky springs or interlocking connectors at the corners of the bed.

# Step 4

Wrap electrical tape around the legs of the frame where the rails are attached.

Poke a hole through the tape, insert the screws and attach the rails.

The tape will act as a cushion for the metal pieces.

How to Stop A Wooden slat Bed Frame from Squeaking?

# Step 1

Remove all bedding and the mattress from your wood-slat bed frame.

 # Step 2

Remove the wood slats from the bed frame.

Lift them out by hand, as they usually aren’t attached to the frame.

If they are attached, unscrew any screws or pry the nails out with a hammer claw.

# Step 3

Wipe a block of paraffin wax along the frame edges where the wood slats sit.

This will lubricate the surface and prevent most squeaking.

# Step 4

Inspect the wood slats for signs of cracking or excessive bending; both conditions indicate weakness and are possible causes of squeaking.

Replace any slats that show evidence of cracking or bending.

# Step 5

Replace the slats on the bed frame.

Afterwards, you can reinstall the mattress and make the bed.

How to Stop A Wooden Bed Frame from Squeaking?

# Step 1

Isolate the noise by rocking the frame to find the squeak.

Two people can get this done quickly if one person rocks the frame and the second person locates the noise.

# Step 2

Tighten all screws or bolts that are loose.

Afterward, rock the bed and listen for the squeak.

# Step 3

Remove the screws and spray with a lubricant.

Replace the screws and rock the bed and listen for any squeaks.

# Step 4

Coat the screws with hard soap or beeswax, and afterward, replace the screws and tighten.

# Step 5

Remove metal washers and replace them with plastic washers.

Plastic washers will remove the chance of metal rubbing against metal that’s causing the noise.

# Step 6

Apply talcum powder or wax where the wood is rubbing against wood.

Additionally, a thick scrap of cloth between the joint will prevent the wood from rubbing against each other.

Final Thoughts on How to Stop A Bed from Squeaking?

Beds squeak mainly due to a broken box spring, faulty frame, loose slat, noisy castor wheel, loose floorboard, and improper fixture.

The above article on how to stop a bed from squeaking will help you fix your noisy bed and help you sleep better.

Here’s a detailed summary of how to fix squeaking beds;

If it’s the bed frame

Grab a screwdriver or Allen wrench and tighten everything you can, all of the bolts, nuts, and C-clamps. Add washers where bolts are loose and won’t tighten.

Then spray all the connections down with WD-40 or a comparable silicone lubricant.

You can also rub a candle or some beeswax on all the joints if you’re wary of chemical smells.

Finally, if the wood slats on the bottom of your frame are the culprit, you can wrap each with a worn-out sock or an old T-shirt.

If it’s the box spring

You can start by rotating the boxspring, hoping to move the foot’s pressure point and alleviate the noise.

You can also jam a book or a small piece of wood between the squeaky spring and the mattress.

If that doesn’t work, you’ve got a decision to make.

If it’s under warranty (which it probably is, since most boxsprings come with a 10-year warranty), you can swap it out for a new one. That’s easy.

Additionally, if it’s out of warranty, though, you can either replace it or fix it; if you opt for the latter course of action, pull back the felt cover and lubricate each spring with WD-40.

If it’s wood, try the old sock method mentioned above.

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