How To Stop Dogs From Digging Under The Fence {DIY Solutions That Work}

A frequent problem dog owners face is their dog digging under the fence. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to help you stop your dog digging under the fence.

A dog digging under the fence can be a costly and frustrating problem, as it can allow your dog to escape and roam the neighborhood or run off and get into trouble.

One must ensure there are no weak spots in the fence where your dog could easily dig under.

You can also try to deter your dog from digging by putting up a fence or barrier around the perimeter of your yard that is too high for your dog to jump over or too difficult for them to dig under.

Additionally, providing your dog with plenty of exercises and proper stimulation can help reduce their need to dig. A tired dog is less likely to be motivated to dig under the fence.

You can also use deterrents, such as a sprinkler system that goes off when your dog starts to dig, or a fence made of materials that are unpleasant to dig in, such as stones.

You can also lay concrete slabs over the soil where your dog likes to dig into, deterring it.

If you’re tired of cleaning up after your dog, then this article should help you train them on how to stay within their boundaries.

So, let’s find out why your dog keeps digging under the fence and how to stop it

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8 Ways on How to Stop Dogs From Digging Under the Fence

How To Stop Dogs From Digging Under The Fence

Dogs dig. It’s what they do.

No fence, regardless of size or material, will keep a large dog out of your yard if they really want to be there.

This is a quick guide that will help you understand the reasons why dogs dig and how to prevent them from doing it in the first place.

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1.   Understand why your dog is digging

Before finding measures to fix their digging behavior, you should first figure out why your dog is digging.

Is it boredom, too much energy, separation anxiety, or escaping, or is it an inborn characteristic?

Once you understand the reason, you will be better equipped to handle and successfully implement methods that will permanently solve the digging problems for you and your puppy.

2.   Play with them

Most of the time, dogs resort to digging if they lack attention.

So take time and play catch or take walks in the morning and evening to ensure that he gets enough exercise and gets to spend more time with you.

You can also consult dog trainers on the best exercises to perform with your dog to keep him entertained.

Note that younger puppies might need more time since they are always looking for something to do.

And when you are not around, ensure that your home is safe and keep a treat dispenser to keep him entertained.

This will keep him busy and forget about burrowing under the fence.

3.   Chicken wire

If your dog is an escapist, you must create a fence under your fence.

You can dig a few inches under your fence, fix a chicken wire, and staple it to the wall.

This will make it impossible for them to dig through.

Alternatively, you can fasten it to the fence, bend it to form an L-shape, remove the topsoil, lay it horizontally against the fence, and cover it.

Ensure that the edges of the wire are rolled towards the fence and tied down to avoid causing injuries to your dog.

4.   Get creative with landscaping

You can also get creative with your landscaping to deter dogs from the fence.

You can do this by placing large rocks that the dog can’t go near the wall.

5.   Setup a digging sandpit

Allow your dog to dig, especially for natural-born diggers.

However, you’d need to create a space where it won’t be okay for him to dig without escaping or causing damage.

As such, you can layout a sandpit and bury some various items, including their toys, to make it entertaining.

And make those areas he used to dig unentertaining by covering them with large rocks or chicken wire.

6.   Supervise playtime

It’s always wise to supervise your dog’s play.

Apart from them destroying your landscaping, you don’t know they might dig, and sometimes, it might be detrimental to their health.

And while you are at it, always praise your dog when he does something good and correct bad behavior.

But first, ensure that he is trained to understand what you are saying because you will be doing zero work without training.

7.   Cover the fence to prevent them from seeing outside

Sometimes your dog digs under the border to get to the other side, mainly if there are other dogs or sees something he wants.

As such, you can plant a deep scrub that will prevent them from peeping out.

However, since it will take years to grow and cover the fence, you can temporarily use an outdoor fabric or bamboo rolls.

Another option is spraying your fence and the ground near it with Bodhi Dog Not Here! Spray.

Take your dog inside and then spray and leave it for about 1 hour to dry before letting out your dog.

If they try to get near the fence, they will start sneezing thus your dogs will steer clear of the fence.

A homemade spray also works perfectly; you can do it by mixing one tbsp of red pepper flakes and black pepper, water, and several drops of liquid soap. Shake the mixture well and spray your fence.

8.   Cover existing holes

Dogs love testing their limits, so if they find a hole, they will try burrowing further to see if it can get bigger.

So if you find that your dog is digging the same place every single day, you can try filling it with rocks of different sizes.

This will stop him from exploring further.

While you are looking for ways to stop your dog from digging, don’t do the following as they may create a bigger mess.

·  Use water to cover the holes.

You may think water will prevent them from digging any further, but what you don’t know is your dog will take it as a swimming pool.

And you will have a dirty dog to clean after, which is more stressful than playing with dry sand.

·   Do not scold or beat your dog

Do not shout or beat your dog if you find him digging, as it will not solve the problem. Instead, talk slowly and communicate your displeasure at their habit.

And since dogs can link your actions and words, they will understand that they did wrong and will not repeat.

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Why Do Dogs Dig Under the Fence

How To Stop Dogs From Digging Under The Fence

1.   Entertainment

 A bored dog will always find something to keep it busy, including burrowing under your flower beds or fence, looking for some fun.

This is especially so if left alone for extended periods and does not have toys that will keep him entertained till you are back.

You will mostly notice this behavior in puppies as they have lots of energy and are constantly searching for something to do.

So if you know that you will be out for a long time, ensure to leave your pet’s toys out if you don’t want to find your landscaping destroyed.

2.   Attention

Dogs need mental stimulation; that’s why it’s essential to play with your dog games such as catch, walking in the neighborhood, or just petting it.

When you fail to do these things, your dog will look for various ways to attract your attention.

And well, in this case, he will opt to dig under the fence in your presence, trying to let you know that he needs your attention.

3.   Escape

Some dogs are adventurers, so they will try to dig under the fence to explore outside of their homes.

Some may see other dogs playing in the neighbor’s backyard or on the street, and since your dog want to join in the fun, he may dig trying to escape and join the others.

This is especially common if your dog is not spayed or neutered as they may be seeking a mate.

Another reason your dogs may want to escape is separation anxiety, mainly if they are too close to their owner and have left home.

4.   Feeling hot

During summers, the weather is too hot, especially outside, so your dog may dig under the fence in search of a cool sandpit to sit in.

So it’s advisable to ensure that your backyard has plenty of shaded spots to sit and cool down.

And since dogs sweat just like humans, you must avail of other options such as a cooling pet mat or a large basin with water placed in a shaded area.

However, make sure to change the water regularly.

5.   Prey hunting

Dogs love a good chase, especially when there is a reward at the end of the pursuit.

As such, you will find your dog burrowing under the fence in search of insects, lizards, and rats.

And since they are excellent sniffers, they can tell when there is something good to be got.

And since small animals like hiding under the trees or shrubs, you will always find your dog burrowing in these areas, and they have zero care if they are destroying your hard work.

6.   Genes

Some dogs have it in their genes, such that a day cannot pass by without them digging for something in the backyard.

This is an inherent character with hunting dogs as they have powerful sniffing abilities; thus, they can identify a prey hiding under the bush.

Some dogs that love to dig include Jack Russel Terriers, Cairn Terrier, and Dachshund.

Their tiny paws do not deter them from digging around for rats, and they can even dig underground to catch them.

Therefore, before buying any dog, check to see their likelihood for digging; this is particularly important if you don’t want your landscaping or garden to be destroyed.

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Final thoughts on How to Stop Dogs From Digging Under the Fence

Dogs digging under the fence is often for puppies a way of getting attention or playtime with you and your significant other.

By stopping your dog from digging under the fence, he will be able to get that attention or playtime in other ways that are acceptable to you.

If you want to stop their digging habit, you must first identify why they are digging and use the tactics above to keep them from digging under the fence.

And when these methods fail, you can select an area and set up a pen where it will be playing outside; you can create a sandpit and place toys to keep him busy.

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