Top Most Prominent Places In Your Home You Forget To Clean

Do not let your eyes lie to you; not everything is as clean as it seems. Below are some of the topmost prominent places in your home you forget to clean.

Did you know it’s elementary for your house to be cleaned and still remain dirty?

It is effortless to walk into your kitchen and note that the utensils are not clean because the sink is piled with dirty utensils.

It is also straightforward to note that your laundry is not done, and your toilet and floor need to be cleaned too.

Besides, there are several spots in your house that should be cleaned but often forgotten.

The areas do not look dirty, but they are the silent gatherer of dirt, which in the long run can affect your family at the end of the day.

Since the spots don’t take most of your time to clean, it would be ideal to add them to your general cleaning routine.

It is not a must for the routine to be daily; others can be done weekly or even monthly.

Below are some of the topmost prominent places you forget to clean as required in your home.

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12 Top Most Prominent Places In Your Home You Forget To Clean

Despite calling yourself a clean freak, if you take a closer look at your house, you will not miss several spots you forgot to clean.

Dust and dirt can quickly build in those hidden spots in your home.

Below find some of the topmost prominent places in your home you forget to clean and add to your cleaning basket.

1.     Beneath The Furniture

Bedrooms and living rooms in our houses are the most frequently cleaned areas.

Unfortunately, many are times when we skip to clean under the beds or sofas during our daily routine.

Spots under the beds and sofas are prone to accumulating dust, termites, cockroaches, and even spiders.

If you look keenly under the bed, you cannot miss a few dust bunnies rolling over.

The bunnies can easily be captured with a simple vacuum, dusting wand, or even a mop.

It is also not surprising to find spiders and their eggs on the bed frames and table braces.

How to clean:– with the help of a long broom or mop, you can easily clean the area under your bed.

Vacuum cleaners or dusting wands can also be used to clear spider eggs and their webs.

2.     The Lampshades, Light Switches, Plates, And Bulbs

The Top Most Prominent Places In Your Home You Forget To Clean

Like the doorknobs, light switches are the most touched spots in our homes, and they never land in our daily cleaning routine.

The light switches are among the top germ-packed items in our home. By the time you are noticing fingerprints around them, they are already beyond cleaning. At that point, they need a thorough cleaning.

In addition to light switches, we also forget to clean the lampshades as well.

By just running your finger across the shade, you can establish how much dust has accumulated.

Lampshades require regular dusting to avoid the accumulation of dust and grime.

How to Clean:- Armed with a simple dry cloth, you will be able to dust your light bulbs and shades.

As for the light switches and plates, use a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution.

For the hard-to-clean spots on the light switch plates, a Q-tip will come in handy.

3.     Door Frames, Doorknobs, And Toilet Handles

The Top Most Prominent Places In Your Home You Forget To Clean

Door knobs and toilet handles are often ignored during our everyday cleaning routine, even though they are touched countless times a day.

From my experience, we always clean our kitchen counter and toilet floors and forget those small spots that are critical.

By just looking at them with our bare eyes, we cannot tell if they are dirty, but in a real sense, they are the epicenter for germs in our homes.

Other than the knobs and toilet handles, door frames are also other spots that are likely to be ignored.

The fact that they are high up makes them easy to be forgotten during cleaning.

How to clean:- During your next cleaning schedule, ensure to equip yourself with a cloth and a disinfectant to wipe both doorknobs and toilet handles clean.

Vinegar and water are an easy solution to any store-bought disinfectant.

Since the door frames are hard to reach, you can use a feather duster. Besides, a soft cloth can help wipe and clean door frames of any dirt.

4.     The Indoor Plants

The Top Most Prominent Places In Your Home You Forget To Clean

Irrespective of whether they are real or silk, indoor plants can collect quite an amount of dust if not often cleaned.

As for the natural plants, the healthier they are, the more they purify the air inside your home, and the less the allergies will be.

The accumulated dust can disperse around your home if someone walks past the plants.

How to clean:- For the big natural plants, you can wipe them with a wet cloth. Make sure to hold each leaf to avoid breaking them.

For the small plants, you can swirl them in lukewarm water in your sink.

The silk plants can be cleaned by either taking them outside or blowing cold air via a hairdryer. Besides, you can dust them with a cloth.

5.     The Baseboards And Walls.

Dust and grime are capable of clinging to both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

To ascertain this, if you have textured wallpaper, please have a closer look as they are more prone to clinging of dust.

Start cleaning the walls from the Top downwards using a duster.

After you are done with the walls, ensure to clean the baseboards.

Baseboards are prone to dust accumulation due to the movement of people in the house, dusting off the furniture, and pets running around.

How to clean:- it is effortless to clean the baseboards. A vacuum cleaner can help clean the edges, or you can wipe using a damp cloth.

6.     The Ceiling Fans

The Top Most Prominent Places In Your Home You Forget To Clean

Since we cannot see the upper part of the fan blades, this is one reason we always forget to clean the fans.

When the fun is not running, it is very easy for dust or even cooking grease to accumulate on the blades over time.

How to clean:– Use a pillowcase to wipe the dust off the blades quickly for a mess-free environment.

You can repeat the process on all the fan blades.

You can also use a mild detergent mixed with water and a cloth table to make a final rinse after dusting.

7.     Gadgets Such As Remotes, Phones, Play Station Pads, Etc

The Top Most Prominent Places In Your Home You Forget To Clean

Remotes, home phones, and PlayStation pads are among the topmost items people forget to clean at home.

As a result, germs can quickly accumulate and spread.

It is quite apparent that every household member will hold the above gadgets at some point during the day at home.

In case one member is having a cold, it will be very easy to spread the same.

How to clean:– Remove all the batteries. Using a cotton bud and a disinfectant, wipe the remote buttons.

Use a table cloth and a disinfectant to wipe the rest of the remote.

Ensure to clean the gadgets at least daily.

In case there is someone with an infection such as flu, cleaning the remote after every use will be ideal.

8.     Mop And Vacuum Behind Your Toilet

How often or frequently do you clean behind the toilet seat?

Cleaning has never been my cup of tea, and more than often, I always let go of some places.

When cleaning the toilet, only the toilet seat and floor are taken care of.

Since behind the toilet flush, and the seat is hard to reach, it is always ignored.

Dust balls, odd hair bands, and even toilet tissue paper still collect and accumulate behind it.

How to clean:– ensure to invest in a vacuum; a hand-held vacuum has been the better choice.

The vacuum will help to collect all the accumulated dust and dirt. The vacuuming can be done at least once a month or, better yet, weekly.

9.     Tops Of Cabinets, Doors, And Picture Frames

The Top Most Prominent Places In Your Home You Forget To Clean

The fact that we cannot easily reach the top of a cabinet and a door is one reason why they are overlooked during our day to day cleaning. They are a prime spot for dust and dirt accumulation.

Besides, the picture frames and the spaces behind them are also other spots where dust collects, and we always forget to clean.

Always ensure to take time and look up the ceiling, cabinets, and frames when doing your cleaning.

How to clean:– Slowly take down the picture from the way and lightly dust it.

Mix water and detergent, and with a soft table cloth, clean the frames and the areas behind the frame.

As for the top of the cabinets and door, take a piece of cloth, tie it to the end of your broom, and gently dust the places.

10. The Closet Floors

When you walk into your closet, it is straightforward to know it needs to be sorted.

Piles of clothes and other items tossed around is an indication to sort out your wardrobe.

On the other hand, rarely do we clean our closet walls and floors.

Carpeted closet floors are prone to the accumulation of dirt and dust from the shoes and via our bedroom windows.

A dirty carpet can act as a breeding ground for molds, carpet beetles, and even mildew.

How to clean:– Make it a habit now and then pull everything from the closet and thoroughly clean it.

Wash and dry the carpet as well. A closet deodorant will be an addition.

11. The Cleaning Equipment

Have you ever thought that your cleaning equipment also needs some cleaning?

Once you are done with your cleaning around your house, toss all the rugs, mop heads, sponges, and toilet brushes for a wash.

It is very easy to spread germs around your home through your cleaning equipment.

If not well maintained, the accumulated dirt and germs can be moved from one location to another.

How to clean:- Ensure to toss all the mop heads, brushes, sponges, and other items into hot water and a disinfectant every time you are through with your routine cleaning.

Also, ensure to clean your vacuum cleaner cup and filters.

12. Both The Top And Under Appliances

The Top Most Prominent Places In Your Home You Forget To Clean

Countless times we forget to clean on Top and beneath our appliances such as microwaves and refrigerators.

If ignored, they can accumulate a lot of dust, grime, and even food particles.

How to clean:- Vacuum and clean your refrigerator coils. To achieve this, try to pull it away from the wall.

In addition, wipe down the refrigerator’s sides with a damp cloth, soap, and disinfectant without forgetting the floor.

Ensure to repeat the process to all other appliances such as the oven and stove.

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Final Thoughts On Top Most Prominent Places In Your Home You Forget To Clean

Above are some of the topmost prominent places in your home you forget to clean.

Next time when doing cleaning in your house, ensure never to let those dirty spots get missed again.

For sure, a house may look clean but doesn’t feel clean.

Always pay attention during your cleaning to ensure whatever was missed by the broom is collected and does not accumulate.

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