Where To Hide A Spare Key Inside An Apartment Building

In the guide below, I will take you through some of the best locations where to hide a spare key inside an apartment building.

Generally, hiding a key can be a very tedious exercise even for people with significant compounds and backyard.

Most of the time, we always feel as if wherever we place the key is an unsafe and prominent spot which a thief can find.

Now imagine yourself living in an apartment where there is a shortage of free space and hiding spaces outside your door are rare to think of and find them.

Anyway, these challenges do not mean the hiding spots are not available only that you need to search harder for them.

10 Ideas On Where To Hide A Spare Key Inside An Apartment Building

Always be creative on where you hide that spare key and ensure to place it far from where you stay.

One hundred feet, few floors from your from where you live can really work for you. I have had my key hidden it in the basement behind some pipes, and it has been there for a few years.

Where To Hide A Spare Key Inside An Apartment Building

Anyway, below are some ideas on where to hide a key inside an apartment.

      I.          Wall Clock With A Hidden Safe

A fake clock with a hidden safe is an elegant and fully functional wall clock with a space behind them where you can hide your key in an apartment building.

The clocks are ideal not only to keep your key safe but also for any other valuable you may have.

The clock safe is under lock and key, and thus it is not easy to break the safe open. After closing them secure, hang them on your apartment hallway.

Besides, if there are pictures or wall hangings along your apartment corridors, you can as well make use of them and hide a spare key behind them.

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   II.          Dummy Electrical Plug Wall Safe

This look-alike and misleading electrical plug wall safe is such an excellent idea on where to hide your valuables, an apartment key inclusive.

The plug is a duplicate copy of the original electrical outlet. It’s an easy to install plug and easy too to drill it out to retrieve your key.

Looking like a real wall plug, this safe is provides a perfect place to hide your valuables in the open, and no one will suspect especially in an apartment building where sockets are all over along the corridors.

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 III.          The Key Safe

A key safe is a guarded metal lockbox that is used to hide one or several keys to your apartment.

The safe may seem obvious since it is fixed on the wall right in front of your door, but it is a very secure and ideal place to hide a key in an apartment building.

Depending on the type of security in your apartment building, there are different qualities available on the market for you to choose from.

Once installed, you can always set a passcode to open the safe. For security purposes, it is advisable to change regularly.

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 IV.          Affix Behind The Lights Along The Corridor

Corridors in an apartment it is a must they have lights. It is possible to use the lights to hide your key behind them.

You can either celtape your key behind the lights, and they will remain there securely for a long period.

It will even be easy to hide it if the lightings are big enough without anyone suspecting it.

    V.          Beneath The Carpet

Where To Hide A Spare Key Inside An Apartment Building

Many apartments do have carpeted corridors which one can take advantage of to hide a spare key.

Most of these carpets have some openings and joineries along the corridor. In those small openings, you can slide in your key there.

Be very much on the lookout just in case someone sees you placing the key there. Also, make sure not to push the key too far for you to access it later.

Last and not least, be on the lookout when they are doing refurbish and remove your key before they dispose of it.

 VI.          Magnetic Key Holder.

A magnetic key case/holder is one way of hiding a key in an apartment.

A magnetic key case is a small, sleek, and discreet uniquely designed key holder which is capable of attaching to any metallic surface. Many of these cases are durable and resistant to rust.

You can store up to 2 keys in the case comfortably. This casing can attach to different locations if they are metallic.

Thus, if your apartment has some form of metal guttering, it is possible to hide your key in the gutter without anyone noticing.

Always change location from time to time just in case someone saw you.

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VII.          Exchange Keys With The Neighbour

Even though I do not advocate for the swapping of the keys since people fall out, if you have a neighbor whom you can trust, then you can hand him/her your spare key.

In case your primary key gets displaced, you can always walk-in into your neighbor’s house and request for the spare key.

Another option you can put your spare key under your neighbor welcome doormat and so he/she can place theirs under your welcome doormat.

No thief will be able to tell which door does the key belongs to after trying it on your door, and it was not successful.

VIII.          Hand Spare Key To The Apartment Manager

Most apartments do have the apartment manager’s office. The managers always have a spare key to each, and every condo locked in a safe.

They usually come in handy in case of emergencies, and you are not around.

In case the manager does not keep a spare key, you can always make one and hand over the key to the manager for safekeeping.

 IX.          Keep The Key In Your Car.

Most apartments have basement parking for their tenants’ use.  A car is one of the safe places to hide your key.

If you always park your car in the apartment’s basement areas, then ensure to keep your spare key inside it so that no one else can find it.

You can place the spare key either in the boot or the middle compartment of the car.

You can also use a car key vault or a  magnetic key holder and attach it to any metallic part of the vehicle.

In addition, you can hide it behind the license plate via license plate key holder for added security.

 X.          The Wallet.

This is a simple and hustle free way of hiding your key.

Different wallets are made differently with most of them having a spare slot you can slide in your spare key.

Since the apartment building does not give you many options to store your spare key, your wallet can be the best choice.

The only downside of this choice is in case your wallet gets stolen, and it has your home address. Armed with both the key and the address someone can use to trace your residence.

Where To Hide A Spare Key Inside An Apartment Building

Why Have An Extra Key?

Having a spare key makes you have some peace of mind since you are assured help is within. This is especially if your family and reliable friends are miles away.

The urge to have a spare key hidden somewhere is because you cannot rely just on anyone anyhow.

It comes in handy in case of an emergency and you are in need of help especially the elderly who live alone.

a)   Easy Access For Friends And Family Members

The spare key gives you the ease of mind knowing that your visiting family member or friend can let themselves in when you are not around.

They also help during an emergency where you may need help and you are not able to reach the door. You can advise your family where the key is for assistance.

b)   It Is A Rescue In Case You Get Locked Out Of Your Apartment.

In one way or the other, you have ever come near an encounter of locking yourself outside your apartment or locked yourself, and all your keys were inside.

But with a spare key safely hidden somewhere within the apartment’s vicinity you are assured of accessing your house

c)    For Backup In Case Your Keys Get Lost

An extra key acts as a backup in case your keys get misplaced or lost. They give you comfort since you do not have to worry about how you will access your house.

d)   Emergency Purposes.

Spare keys can come in handy during an emergency incident.

Having spare keys can save you the cost of having to repair your windows and doors after been broken down during an emergency.

In case you are not capable of opening the door during an emergency, you can always try and direct the person concerned on where the spare key is for ease of access.

Final Thoughts On Where To Hide A Spare Key Inside An Apartment Building.

Spare keys can come in handy in case where you have family and friends visiting, and you are not around.

On the other hand, hiding the same can be a tricky affair.

Above are some of the incredible ideas on where to hide a spare key inside an apartment building.

Nevertheless, when you hide that spare key, always make sure is invisible and not easy to retrieve.

Please do not keep your house key where it is too obvious for people to locate.


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