Best Space Heater for a Large Room-Top 5 Most Energy Efficient

Getting the best space heater for a large room is the most sustainable solution for your heating needs, which would mean that you feel at home without breaking the bank.

When the weather is cold, you obviously want to turn on the heat, but your room is massive in some situations, so you’re worried about the cost.

Are you looking for a peaceful, easy way for your home to heat up? Fed up with the boisterous space heaters that drive up the electricity bills, or don’t want to turn on the entire house heating system? Ok, these oil-filled heaters may be what you need.

It can be difficult and costly to heat a large space, mainly if you chose the wrong heater.

If you have a house with large spaces or high ceilings, or if you want to heat a room or area with draughty windows where you sometimes find yourself getting cold, even if many homes have central heating, an extra heater can come in handy.

Standard heaters often do not have enough heat for a specific room, meaning you need extra power to get that homely feeling.

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A Comprehensive Buyers Guide Best Space Heater for a Large Room

1.    LifeSmart 6 Element—the overall best

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It is a solidly constructed room heater that, while being economical at the same time, promises fantastic results in wide spaces.

Six heating elements that operate together to produce 5,000 BTUs of heat come with this space heater.

Not only is this adequate to provide warmth even for the largest room, but it’s also a guarantee of having significantly even heating.

Users appreciated the LifeSmart heater’s cabinet-like look.

They especially liked that it uses infrared heat because, as electric space heaters frequently do, this does not dry the room’s air.

The remote controls also come in very handy, as they make it easy to regulate the room temperature while letting you know the exact current temperature.

Remote control and a washable air filter are provided with the LifeSmart 6 element to ensure simplified management and maintenance.

With a high limit switch and the ability to stay cold to the touch when running, several safety features are also built-in.

The built-in wheels at the bottom make the appliance easy to travel for short distances.

Finally, there is a start/stop timer for 12 hours that makes the heater incredibly flexible.


  • Infrared technology does not dehydrate the air
  • The flames are very realistic, creating a cozy feel
  • It is very energy efficient, heating up to 1000 square meters, using only 1500 watts
  • Despite being quite large, this model is portable and can, therefore, be used for zonal heating


  • The fan is extremely loud
  • There is no automatic shut off if it overheats

2.   Mr. Heater MHVFB30NGT—Ideal for large spaces

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It’s ideal for large spaces spanning over 1000SQ feet.  The heater guarantees energy efficiency because it’s powered by natural gas.

With Mr. Heater MHVFB30NGT, you don’t have to worry about cold and freezing winters because of power outages.

You don’t have to worry about complicated installation procedures with Mr. Heater MHVFB30NGT.

All you have to do is fix the wall bracket and mount the heater.

Alternatively, find a perfect spot on the floor and place the heater there.

The heater employs the use of flames, unlike the others that heat via infrared.

The appliance heats a room efficiently, unlike the conventional ones that use infrared rays and radiation.

Thus, making it extraordinary in a way, and you don’t have to worry about whether it will burn objects in your house.

The process of warming up a room is very safe.

For enhanced safety, it’s equipped with an electronic ignition system and an automatic shut-off system when the equipment detects low oxygen concentration.

The appliance is well fitted for areas such as basements, attics and has ease of installation, requiring no need for professional,


  • Temperature Controls: There are three temperature controls built into this machine (low, medium, and high), and they work very well.
  • Easy to Mount: The machine isn’t too big, and the key-shaped holes on the back make it easy to mount. Keeping it up and out of the way, plus helps keep the floor from getting warm underneath it when it’s on a high.
  • Power Options: You can choose to power the blower fan on A/C or battery power.
  • Low Oxygen Shut-Off: The MHVFB30NGT is built with a low oxygen shut-off system. If a room doesn’t have proper ventilation, the heater will shut itself off before any harm is done.

3.   DeLonghi TRD40615E Space Heater—the best oil filled radiator heaterir?t=162269 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00G96S4Y8

The heater is equipped with three modes of power setting, i.e., low, medium, and high.

With this heater, you don’t have to worry about temperature variations.

For enhanced safety, the heating elements are all covered up, and it has an automatic shut-off system if the equipment gets knocked over or prevent the system from overheating.

The entire appliance is covered up in a rustproof material, and the oil is tightly sealed to avoid any spillages.


  • Three Power modes: There are three power modes are low, medium, and high. Low and medium settings are both very energy efficient (the low works at 600 watts and the medium at 900). On the other hand, the high 1500-watt high setting works like a charm if you want to heat a room quickly.
  • 24 Hour Timer: The timer breaks 24 hours down into small segments. In each segment, you can decide how you want the radiator to be running. For example, you can program it to shut off halfway through the evening so as not to waste power while you sleep, and then start up an hour before we wake up, so you have a lovely warm house while you’re awake.
  • Safety Features: This machine is very well designed from a safety standpoint. The outside stays very cool to the touch because the heat comes out the top. Automatic shut-off, if it overheats or gets tipped over, is another nice safety touch.
  • Portable: Despite the TRD40615E’s large size, the wheels make it very easy to move.
  • Equipped with anti-freeze settings that make the unit turn on automatically in case the temperature drops below 44oF

4.   Bionaire Silent Micathermic Console Heater—the overall quietestir?t=162269 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B000I0WQR2

The Bionaire Silent Micathermic Console Heater is an apt choice for those looking for a heater that will quickly heat your room.

It is fitted with two heat settings that will come in handy for any heating space, and it’s equipped with an auto-shutoff mechanism that will trip if the unit is tripped over.

The unit is intricately designed to blend well with other household equipment, adding extra décor to your house.

For ease of mobility and portability, the unit is fitted with wheels and handles, thus moving it around the house is hassle-free.

The Bionaire Silent Micathermic is very energy efficient, saving that extra coin, and to top it off the unit is very quiet.

It employs the latest advanced technology in heating.

The Bionaire combines convection and reflective heating by heating the surrounding air while circulating it in the room, ensuring invariable comfort.

The heater prides in that it can maintain constant room temperature without raising the electricity bill, and it emits a non-drying heat emanating from both sides of the panels.

5.   Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

Probably the best heater for large spaces averaging to about 1000sq.ft.

Heating a room with Dr. Infrared Heater, you don’t have to worry about experiencing dry air because the unit is fitted with an inbuilt humidifier.

For extra safety, the unit is fitted with tip-over and overheat protection mechanisms.

It’s also equipped with a high-quality infrared quartz tube that emits more heat than other heaters giving you more comfort and plenty of warmth.

Fitted with an oscillating fan, this guarantees that heat is evenly distributed in the room.

To ease up on its operating, Dr. Infrared Heater is equipped with a remote-control function.

Letting you control the fan’s temperatures, oscillating speed, and the humidifier with just a touch of a button.

The unit is fitted with a low noise fan feature making it extremely quiet.


  • Wheels for easy portability, and an IR remote control
  • The fan is both efficient and quiet
  • An inbuilt humidifier doesn’t dry the air out
  • Tip-over and overheat protection as well as being cool-to-touch and having a 12-hour automatic shut-off, making it very safe
  • This heater can heat up to 250F at 3.5 meters per second, meaning it can produce 60% more heat than other heaters with the same wattage

How to Use Large Room Space Heaters Efficiently

Best Heater for a Large Room

Caution: It’s prudent to consider the safety measures beforehand. A portable heater can be theoretically a potent fire hazard in your home, especially if you have pets or children.

CPSC Warnings On Use Of Space Heaters

Heating a room via electricity is quite costly, and it should raise several red flags, but that shouldn’t dissuade you from purchasing one.

Outlined below are a couple of ways to bring down the costs and guide you on ensuring that you’re getting the most from your heater.

Supplemental or Occasional Use

It’s advisable in some instances to employ the use of other heating sources available in your home.

For instance, you can fire up the furnace or heat pump during the coldest winter nights.

Reducing heating the whole house

If you only have one room in your house occupied, then you should turn off the central heating source and have a space heater in that specific room.


It comes in handy because it prevents one from leaving the unit working longer than it’s needed.

Home Upgrades

Conserving the heat is of utmost importance, thus bringing down the energy costs.

It can be achieved by employing a couple of ways;

  • Attic insulation.
  • Weatherproof doors and windows
  • Installing insulated curtains and blinds

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Final Thought on Best Space Heater for a Large Room

Finding the best space heater for a large room shouldn’t be an upheaval task; what ought to guide you should be your needs.

But also consider the power consumption, size, and shape of the heater you have settled on because your lifestyle will be more or less impacted by the choice you make.

To ensure that your space heater doesn’t fail or break down, it is advisable to use it as per the manufacturer’s instructions and supplement the heating where the need arises.

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