How to Cool Down A Room Having No Windows: 15 Hacks

In the discussion below, I will take you through some various means of how to cool down a room having no windows. Windows play such a crucial role in our homes such that it would be strange to think of a room without any.

The opening of windows and doors to allow fresh air from outside is one of the traditional ways of ventilating a stuffy and hot room. But for a room with no windows, the same will not apply. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the room is useless, and it cannot be utilized.

Windowless rooms are not new to us. Situations have risen, prompting the need to have such rooms. Such rooms include laundry rooms, bathrooms, and sewing rooms, among others.

If you have ever spent time in a room without proper ventilation, or even in a congested passenger train with no proper ventilation on a hot day, I am very sure the experience was not pleasant. Therefore, we must think creatively to ventilate that room for our comfort and prevention of harmful bacteria and the growth of mildew due to dampness.

Below is a detailed list of steps on how to cool down a room having no windows.

15 Hacks On How To Cool Down A Room Having No Windows

Rooms with no windows in our homes do serve various purposes. Most of the time, the rooms are created from a space that has not been used, thus becoming a space of importance ranging from sewing rooms, laundry rooms, among others.

Below are tips on how to cool down rooms with no windows in our homes.

1. Minimize The Number Of Furniture In The Room.

How to Cool Down A Room Having No Windows

A windowless room packed with furniture hinders the free flow of the air inside it. When the room is cluttered, the air does not circulate effectively inside.

Always de-clutters the room. Remove all the items which may block the air moving freely in the room. Only let the essential remain in the house.

2.  Air Purifying Vegetation.

How to Cool Down A Room Having No Windows

Not only do they serve the purpose of beautifying your home, but plants also naturally help purify the air inside our homes.

There are so many plants known to purify the air. They include but not limited to the snake plant, spider plant, the English Ivy, among others.

When chosen well, these plants can help detoxify your house for a fresher environment.

3.  Adjust The Position Of The Door, Ceiling, And Floor

It is evident when you have a room with no windows; you will keep the door open for the free flow and circulation of air inside the room.

It means the door will be kept open for the longest time each day you spend in that room.

Rather than leaving your door open for a prolonged time, it will be ideal to adjust the space between the door, the floor, and the ceiling.

On average half, an inch on both sides of the door will be perfect. The spacing allows continuous circulation of air in the room, thus reducing the stuffiness.

4.  The Magic Of Porous Materials

How to Cool Down A Room Having No Windows

When building the windowless room, its good to consider the use of brick or specifically air bricks, which will allow free flow of air inside your room, creating a habitable environment for you.

Air bricks have been used in structural engineering to assist in the free flow of air inside rooms with no windows.

5.  Use Ceiling Fans

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Ceiling fans are one easy option to help in the flow of air inside a room with no windows.

It ensures the continuous circulation of air in the room by pushing the air around, thus stopping hot air from accumulating in one space.

Therefore, look for a fan within your budget and suitable for your space.

6. Use A Portable Fan.

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A portable indoor air conditioner is also known as an evaporative cooler is one exceptional way to keep a windowless room fresh.

Though it works similarly to a fan, it produces much colder air. They achieve this by pooling hot air in the room, condense it, and then release it back the room for a calmer experience.

Besides, most of them are fitted water reservoirs for the dehumidifying purpose to help keep comfortable temperatures in a room.

7.  Use Of An Air Conditioner

Not only do they help in cooling you down during summer when temperatures are high, but air conditioners also help circulate clean air; this is an effective way of ventilating a room without windows.

They come in handy for the windowless bedrooms. If you experience claustrophobia, the air conditioner will provide that feeling of freshness, and you will breathe in ease.

Find a unit with your budget and with the features you want.

8.  Use A Floor Fan With A Bowl Of Ice

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Fan with a bowl of ice is an old fashion way of cooling a room. It was used long before the invention of air conditioners.

All you need is to fill a bowl with ice cubes, then position your fan a few inches from it.

The fan will then blow over the ice and push the coldness around the room to cool it down.

9.  Use The Two-Fan Trick

Reasonably unknown, this trick mimics the natural flow of air using two fans simultaneously.

A two fan trick works when you place one of the fans towards the doorway, and the other angled towards the ceiling.

The fan facing up will help push hot air up the ceiling while the one towards the door will push the air outside the room, thus cooling the room.

10. Substitute Incandescent Lights

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Incandescent lights emit 90% of their energy as heat, which could be one reason why your windowless room is hot.

Always turn your incandescent lights off if not in use.

Alternatively, replace them with LED or CFL lights for much less heat emission and cost-cutting.

11. Switch off the lights and the appliances.

Apart from the incandescent lights, other appliances like laptops, iron boxes, washing machines, etc. emit a lot of heat too when switched on and can lead to building up of heat.

Even though a simple appliance may not emit that much heat, but believe it, multiple of them, when left on when not in use can lead to heat buildup.

Always ensure to switch off the lights and appliance when leaving a room, more specifically windowless room.

12. Fit A Through-Wall Air Conditioner

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This option will only be applicable if your windowless room has an exterior wall since it is a requirement that a portion of the unit is outside.

A through wall air conditioner is one efficient solution, and once installed, it is a permanent solution to your windowless room, thus allowing you to have a cool room throughout the period.

13. The Relief From Scented Candles

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Windowless rooms tend to be damp, stuffy, and uncomfortable.

In as much as dehumidifiers play a crucial role in drying the air around, scented candles will add some freshness.

The aroma in the air will give an illusion of a better flow of the air. They are a cheat code to damp environments.

They will make your room smell fresh and clean.

14. Install An Effective Extractor Fan

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An extractor fan is a solution to those small and windowless kitchens.

When cooking a lot of steam, smoke and moisture usually build up in the kitchen, and it is worse when the kitchen is windowless.

The extractor will help in capturing all the moisture, heat, and smoke for proper ventilation.

In addition to the ceiling fans, an extractor is an option that cannot be ignored.

15. Cooldown Your Internal Temperature

How to Cool Down A Room Having No Windows

In such as much you are lowering temperature externally, do not forget the internal temperatures.

Cool yourself by taking cold drinks, wearing light, and even taking a cold shower if you are at your own home.

Final Words On How To Cool Down a Room Having No Windows

For sure, it is not worth putting up with a living, working, or even sleeping in a room with no windows.

Neither should the room be ignored or be a waste of space just because it lacks windows for ventilation.

From the discussion above, it is possible to cool such rooms. Depending on your need, you can combine one or more of the above tips to cool down a room having no windows.

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