Best Blackout Soundproof Curtains for Your Home, Office, or Studio

The best blackout soundproof curtains are excellent at sound dampening, light-blocking, balancing the temperature in a room, and let’s face it, those drapes are very stylish too!

Notably, one of the most inexpensive ways of soundproofing a room is by having soundproof curtains.

Sheer fabric curtains can add the right accent to interior decoration, while thick, blackout curtains are a better choice for bedrooms or home theatres.

While ambient noise may be a secondary consideration for most homeowners, some window modifications can be quite productive at dampening the noises.

Pro tips to having the best blackout soundproof conditions from your curtains:

  • Buy FOUR panels for each window instead of just two! To be effective, the more DENSITY you can put between the room and the window, the better.
  • Buy the 96-inch curtains and NOT the 84-inch long curtains! It will mean that your curtain will reach from the floor to the ceiling, and overall, it will look nicer.
  • Buy ceiling mount curtain brackets instead of the regular wall brackets. It takes the curtain closer to the ceiling and consequently blocks more sound.

You might be probably wondering whether the curtains do block out the noises completely.

Well, Yes, Thick curtains or drapes do block out most noise cancellation or noise reduction because of the thickness.

But it’s not a perfect character for the best soundproofing curtain.

There are many characteristics, such as Material, Size, and more.

Nevertheless, you will have to have your windows closed for complete noise cancellation and have the windows soundproof.

To Soundproof your windows, you’ll need to:

  • Install Soundproofing Drapes or Curtains.
  • Seal all the cracks and gaps on the window.
  • Use Weatherstripping Tape on the Window.
  • Replace the Windows with Double-Pane or Triple-Pane Windows.

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Buyers Guide for The Best Blackout Soundproof Curtains to Dampen & Block Noise

1.    NICETOWN 100% Blackout Curtains with Black Liner Backing –Bestseller

For instance, they are available in many colors, such as shades of white, black, grey, blues, and burgundy.

More importantly, they are also available in various sizes; thus, you’re guaranteed to get the perfect fit for your windows.

The curtains are manufactured from 100percent polyester and have an extra lined layer of black backing.

The extra lining gives the curtains a thickened layer, thus ensuring that it will block out up to 100% harmful sunlight’s UV rays.

Additionally, the curtain’s heavy design makes draping relatively easy, and also it affords to cover the entire window, thus reducing noise and echo to a bare minimum.

Moreover, these curtains offer two times higher soundproofing capabilities than your regular layer of the curtain.

Nicetown thermal insulation properties are unmatched; you can therefore count on having a relaxing sleep even during the day.

The smart-energy technology saves you around 12-25% power during colder days and also stores up heat keeping your house warm all year round!

Moreover, these curtains are machine washable, easy to install, and gives a dash of elegance to your room.

2.    H Versailtex Premium Blackout Wider Curtains Best soundproof option

The H Versailtex Premium Blackout Curtains are heavy-duty, durable, and offer excellent thermal insulation properties.

These curtains are ideal for covering up broad surfaces, for instance, large windows, patio doorways, yards, and French glass doors.

Additionally, they can be used for compartmentalization as well, for example, in shared bedrooms, basements, city lofts, and workspaces.

These curtains are also vinyl and PVC-free, making them the most eco-friendly option on this list and ultimately offers you a safe living environment.

The curtains are around 4pounds; thus, you don’t have to be worried about noise in the streets coming from outside your window.

Moreover, these curtains are washable and ironable, candidly these curtains will bring elegance and comfort to your home.

3.    Best Home Fashion Blackout

They are available in various colors and sizes and manufactured from 100% polyester, which means its machine washable.

Additionally, it has an extra thickened layer that provides thermal insulation.

Which also acts as an acoustic barrier providing a relaxing environment for dates, parties, and a comfortable environment for late sleepers.

These curtains have an easy installation procedure; with a weight of just under 4 pounds, hanging the drapes can be a one-person job.

4.    Deconovo Blackout Drapes – Best Budget Pick

These curtains are moderately light and only feature six grommets each, so the installation should relatively easy.

Unlike most curtains in twos, the Deconovo curtain is a single large panel that measures 100 W X 95 L inches in size with matching colored grommets.

There are many vibrant colors available, but there are also neutral options for those looking to keep their internal décor more mellow.

These curtains are not as thick as their competitors, and as a result, their thermal insulation is not the best for energy saving.

Nevertheless, just like most of the other curtains, the Deconovo curtain is manufactured from 100per cent polyester.

Extraordinary, it has the front and back have the same color, an uncommon feature in most curtains.

5.    Nicetown Soundproofing Room Dividers

It’s an apt choice when looking into compartmentalization, for example, in shared bedrooms, basements, city lofts, and workspaces.

These curtains are manufactured from 100per cent polyester, the fabric is super soft yet and triple weave technology, which makes it thick and slightly heavy.

They are available in a wide variety of sizes and comes with silver grommets.

Whereas they may not be as perfect as walls to reduce noise, they can save you a substantial amount of money when compartmentalizing small spaces.

Moreover, these divider curtains are portable, easily installed, packed, and can be re-used.

6.    BGment Blackout Curtains

They employ an innovative triple weaved textured microfiber blackout fabric.

Additionally, they come in two panels, each panel measuring 38-inch-wide by 45 inches long.

Each panel also has six silver metal grommets on top, making hanging the drapes relatively easy.

These bedroom curtains can block out 85%-99% sunlight and UV ray (Darker colors work better) and perfect for late sleepers and afternoon naps.

The curtains will also help cut down your energy bills because it will insulate against summer heat and winter chill, thus balancing your room temperatures.

More importantly, the curtains are machine washable for easy care and maintenance.

However, use only non-chlorine bleach when needed, tumble dry low and warm iron as needed.

7.    HOMEIDEAS Blackout Curtains

These curtains employ triple weave technology; they have a 3-ply with the middle having a dense black yarn.

It’s made from 100percent polyester fabric and dual-layered to ensure it has 85%-99% light blocking ability.

The curtain is thick and not so heavy; this curtain’s thickness helps prevent the outside pollution from entering the house.

It is soft, smooth, silky material, which feels elegant and classic.

One more feature of this curtain that I forgot to mention is thermal insulation on the inside, right in this price range.

8.    LEMOMO Blackout Curtains

The curtains are made using a triple weave innovative production method, and they help maximize privacy and reduce some noise.

These Thermal Insulated Curtains help prevent energy losses by insulating hot summers and cold winters. Perfect thermal curtains for bedroom, living room, kids room, and nursery room.

Additionally, these curtains impede 85%-99% light and UV rays (Darker colors are better).

They are package in two panels,  black curtain panels, and each blackout curtain measures 52 inches wide and 84-inch length constructed with eight silver grommet measuring 1.6 inches inner diameter.

These curtains are machine washable for maintenance, do not bleach, and iron at low-temperature settings.

9.    Linen Blackout Curtains

These fantastic window curtains are perfect for thermal insulated, energy-saving, and balance the temperature.

They efficiently prevent cold or heat transfer from outside, block drafts in cold months, and keep warm air out in the summer.

Great for letting you sleep sweetly on weekend mornings and vacation days.

Add a touch of classic style to your home with these vintage solid-hued linen curtains/draperies. Refresh and brighten your space, adorn well for your home, office, apartment, business, and more.

For maintenance, these curtains are machine washable for easy care.

However, use only non-chlorine bleach when needed, tumble dry low and warm iron as needed.

10.  PONY DANCE Bedroom Blackout Curtains

They are packaged in two blackout curtain panels and have a three-inch rod pocket top that can fit most standard rods.

These curtains are manufactured from super heavy and soft fabric adopt the triple weave technology, panels with no liner.

Additionally, these curtains impede 85%-99% light and UV rays; however, darker colors are better.

Although there’s not a lot of color variety, the curtains are stylish.

The colors are simple, not too bright or flashy, and should blend in quickly in modern and vintage decors.

Due to the thermic layer, these curtains can also shave off a few bucks off your energy bill in the summer and the winter since they do an excellent job of preventing heat from escaping.

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A brief overview of How Sound Dampening Curtains Work

Sound waves are transmitted via vibrations. They are either reflected, absorbed, or transmitted whenever they come in contact with any material.

Best Blackout Soundproof Curtains

Reflection happens when sound bounces off the walls.

Transmission happens when sound passes through a material.

Absorption happens when sound hits porous material where part of it is absorbed.

However, Curtains don’t exactly block sound. On the contrary, they use several fabric layers to absorb the waves as much as possible instead of reflecting the sound waves.

It’s a muffling effect that sometimes works both ways.

The most effective soundproof curtains locally available can dampen sound reverberation/ echo inside your home and contain the house’s sound.

Where can I install soundproof curtains?

There are many spaces within your immediate environment where a soundproof curtain can be installed.

Having soundproof curtains could afford some better sleep or help you get some work and studies done in the bedroom.

In the living room, soundproof curtains could be great at compartmentalization.

You can divide spaces for different people you live with and have privacy.

Additionally, you can keep unwanted cooking sounds from your kitchen, cafe, or restaurant, and these curtains can surely do the trick!

If you work a lot at your garage or do some music recording at a home studio, noise, and echo, these curtains will give you a more productive experience.

Maybe even give better sound quality to your recording!

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Factors to Consider When Scouting for the Best Soundproof Curtain

Best Blackout Soundproof Curtains

1.    Overall Size

It’s advisable to consider your window’s size; the curtain should span the window’s entire length and width.

Preferably choose curtains that will span in-between the ceiling and floor.

Having more enormous drapes will not only help maximize soundproofing but also it will add to the internal décor of your house.

For this, you will take your window’s overall measurements and ensure to add some allowance of around 8-10-inches for maximum cover.

2.    Materials

Ideally, a curtain with more fires woven in it has a more useful measure in sound dampening.

On the other hand, Suede Polyester and Velvet material are the best at sound deadening.

Because they are thick and porous, thus making these fabrics quite effective in noise cancellation.

Notably, you can also find soundproof curtains manufactured from cotton duck fabric, and all these materials are quite useful in soundproofing.

You can find these curtains mostly in theatre sets and music studios if you want to have firsthand experience of how effective they are.

Additionally, these curtains’ fabric texture is uneven; this ingenious mechanism ensures the sound waves lose energy when they bounce on the curtains.

3.    Curtain Rods & Grommets

It’s advisable to have a curtain rod that won’t give in under the curtains’ weight.

Additionally, the curtain rod should serve as an add-on to the soundproofing properties of the curtains.

Wrap-around rods are installed on the walls with a curve and offer the most straightforward installation procedures.

Moreover, they help block out any gaps in curtain edges.

On the other hand, you won’t need any brackets to mount the rods on the walls.

Double rods are an excellent choice for holding large and heavy drapes.

When choosing your grommets, it’s advisable to pick strong grommets because they keep your curtains in place and ensure an easy closing and opening of the curtains.

4.    Ease of Installation

It’s advisable for you to choose curtains that come with easy installation procedures to help you hang your curtains.

Whereas some of the curtains may be quite heavy, it is advisable for you to have an extra hand during installation.

Moreover, you can opt to have a professional hang them for you if you don’t possess the required craftsmanship.

Note: it’s advisable for you to choose a curtain that’s machine washable and doesn’t stain with ease.

Quick Installation Guide for Curtain Rods and Hanging your Soundproof Curtains

  1. Mark out the location of the bracket on the wall, making sure it’s perfectly horizontal.
  2. Check the placement of the brackets by fixing them temporarily and visually inspecting for any misalignments.
  3. If you ascertain that it fits perfectly, install the wall anchors by drilling holes on the previously marked out points.
  4. Secure the brackets firmly with screws, and for rods wider than four feet, it’s advisable to have intermediate support.
  5. Once the brackets are in place, mount the curtain rods and hang the drapes as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Final Thought on The Best Blackout Soundproof Curtains

Whereas soundproof curtains won’t completely block the noises, they offer a smart, budget-friendly, and ineffective way to soundproof a room.

Eventually, the best blackout soundproof curtains discussed above will not only cancel out the external noises but also add extra décor to your room.

Pro Tip: A DIY alternative for soundproof curtains, experiment with hanging heavy duvets and blankets over windows and door openings to dampen sound.

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