How to Dispose of an Old Couch or Sofa -10 Ways

Have you recently moved to a new home and you’re wondering how to dispose of an old couch or sofa?

You’ve probably had your couch for more than five years and feel like it’s time to upgrade.

Gone are the days when you leave your old couch or sofa on the curb and hope someone drives by to take it away.

There are companies that will come pick up your old couch and haul it away, while they even pay you something for it!

You can also try to find a charity or organization that will take it, or you can try to sell it to someone who will re-upholster it. If those options don’t work, you can always call a junk removal service to take it away.

Not only does a new couch improve your living room aesthetics, but it also feels good to sit on.

Or maybe you are moving to a new house whose color coordination does not match your sofas and have to replace them.

The big question here is how to dispose of your old sofa.

Advisably, the ideal method will largely depend on how fast you want to be rid of the couch.

When it’s time to get rid of an old couch or sofa, there are a few options depending on where you live.

How to Dispose of an Old Couch or Sofa

How to Dispose of an Old Couch or Sofa

The sad truth is, there is no easy way to dispose of an old sofa or couch.

Yes, there are better options than just tossing it in the dumpster but it isn’t a simple process either.

So let’s walk you through the different scenarios and options.

Then, hopefully, you will feel better about getting rid of your old couch or sofa.

1. Dismantle the couch

If you want to throw your couch in the dumpster, you must dismantle it first.

I would advise you to start by removing the cushions from the couch.

Suppose the cushions are sewed in; use a sharp knife or razor to cut the strings.

Once you have removed them, you can throw them away if they are dirty or look into ways to reuse them if they are in good condition.

There are high chances of finding coins lost on the couch.

Nevertheless, proceed with your dismantling.

Be careful of the metal springs on your couch.

This is because if some are dislodged, they may pierce your fingers.

If you’ve had your couch for a long time, you’ll find that there are dirt or food particles.

It’s advisable to dust them off or use a vacuum cleaner.

Next, remove the fabric from your sofa’s frame.

Then take a saw and cut up your sofa’s frame into small pieces.

Afterward, place the small pieces in a trash bag, and the rest put them in the back of your pick-up and take them to the nearest dumpster.

Instead of dumping it, you can take the dismantled couch for recycling.

The metal can earn a reasonable sum, especially if it’s non-ferrous.

The wood can be used to create other DIY items or used as firewood.

If the stuffing is clean, it can be reused to make pillows for sitting on the floor.

Alternatively, they can be sewed in other sofas that need refurbishing.

2.  Leave it on the curbside

This is a popular method of disposing of old pieces of furniture.

However, ensure that your state does allow it because you’ll be penalized in some states. Also, check with your trash collection services as they may charge you extra for helping you dispose of your furniture.

Most people drag their sofas out of their house and place them on the side of the road.

Be sure to check on which date they do bulk pick-ups because they can’t do it daily; many do it once a month or several times a year.

Some collection services require you to seal your furniture with a plastic cover.

So, before you leave it on the curbside, check your state’s regulations and collection service charges.

This method is very cost-friendly and best for getting rid of a few furniture items.

3.  Donate

If your couch is in good condition, meaning that it does not have significant stains or tears, the best way to dispose of it is to donate.

Dumping or dismantling would be a waste of a good couch that can help and better other people’s lives.

Many people in the place where you reside can’t even afford the necessities, so your old sofa will go a long way in bettering their lives.

Look for charity organizations in your areas, such as Goodwill, Greendrop, and Furniture Bank.

They will be glad to relieve you of it and take it to people who have more use for it.

If your local church organizes drives to help the less fortunate in the community, your old sofa will come in handy.

If you notice that your old couch needs some work before donating, be good and clean it up or do some upholstery on it before donating.

The upside of donating to charity is you will have a tax deduction.

However, you must ensure that the charity organization is registered with the IRS.

You can visit the IRS website to learn more about this.

4.  Rent a roll-off

Getting rid of several pieces of an old couch can be troublesome.

So, consider hiring a mover to get rid of the sofa.

This is a simple and less problematic way of getting rid of old pieces of furniture.

There are varying sizes of dumpers, so you choose according to the bulk of your waste.

Once you’ve picked the dumper size, a container is dropped at a place of your choice.

Ensure it’s near your house to avoid incurring the cost of hiring people to move it to a different location.

Load your old sofas in the dumpster, login into their site, and select a pick-up date when you are done.

This method is suitable for clearing out junk or having a decluttering project that requires getting rid of many items.

The upside is that no one is pushing to finish faster because of time; you can work at your own pace.

The good thing about renting a roll-off is that you don’t have to be home on the pick-up date.

Additionally, you can work at your pace, and paying upfront is best as you don’t have unexpected fees cropping up later.

The only downside is that you have to load the furniture yourself and work best with many items.

However, it’s not economical for single item removal.

5.  Transport it to a landfill

You can transport your worn-out sofa to a landfill if you have a huge pick-up truck.

First, ensure that the landfill in your area offers free waste disposal and is available to the public.

And since it can’t be a daily service, confirm which day and then haul it there and dump it.

6.  Sell it online

If your couch is in good condition and you want to recover some money to buy a new one, you can advertise it only.

Some people advertise on social media, eBay, Craiglist, or college students.

Before enlisting your sofa for sale, ensure that the price is lower and list all the sofa’s features and flaws.

Additionally, include some photos in your post and write a fantastic description; remember to optimize if you want to find a buyer quickly.

Some customers may want to negotiate, so have an open mind.

Throw in a bonus to make it more appealing, such as a throw pillow or some pillow covers.

Suppose you reside in an area with a college, advertise to college students.

They are always on the lookout for good and affordable items.

7. Garage Sale

This is another method of getting rid of items you don’t need in the house while earning cash. Most of the things sold in a garage sale are usually in good condition.

So, ensure that your old sofa is in an excellent state; you can clean it up and repair the torn parts for it to fetch a reasonable amount.

8. Trade-in for a new one

If you buy your new sofa from the same furniture dealers that sold you your old couch, you can approach them and propose a trade-in.

Being a loyal customer, they will most likely extend the service to you.

This way you may be able to get some discount on the sofa, meaning you will get it at a significantly low price.

9. Junk removal services

Suppose your couch is too worn out and dirty; you can contract junk removal services.

They will post someone to come to your house and appraise the things that need to be removed, and from there, they will give you the total cost.

Once you’ve reached an agreement and paid, they will remove your couch and any other item on the list.

This method is ideal if you have many big items you need to get rid of it.

However, since the price is based on the total volume, it might be expensive, especially if you have a lot of things.

It’s therefore prudent for you to do your research first.

10. Refurbishing

While disposing of it might seem like a good idea, refurbishing is even better

This is especially recommended if your sofa’s frame is solid and durable.

Your old sofa is stripped of the cushion, covers, and springs.

And it is replaced with new springs, a new cushion and new covers in the color you want, and voila…! Your couch is as good as new.

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How to Buy and Maintain your Couch in Good Condition

Since you are already disposing of your old couch, it’s time that you learn how to buy and properly maintain your new sofa to last for a long time.

Only buy high-quality sets of couches.

It may cost you a pretty penny, but it will be worth it as it will serve you for a long time.

And come a time you want to dispose of, you will get decent offers. Take extra care of it.

If you have kids, consider buying quality seat covers to protect them from spillages.

And always clean and repair as soon as you notice an issue.

Final Thoughts on How to Dispose of an Old Couch or Sofa

We’ve been there.

You’re about to move away from your parents’ house, starting your own life as a young adult, and you need to get rid of the old couch from their basement so you can move it into the dumpster.

Or maybe you just want to clean up your backyard and don’t know how to dispose of an old sofa

If your couch is in good condition, you can always donate, trade-in, or sell it as a second-hand item. However, if it’s in bad shape, dismantle and dispose or recycle the good parts.

Alternatively, you can refurbish it, especially if it has a durable and robust frame.

I hope this article has helped you decide how to dispose of your old couch.

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