Purchasing A Perfect Couch For Your Basement: A Complete Guide

A sofa or a couch is not like any other piece of furniture in our homes. A sofa is among the most expensive piece of furniture in our homes. In this regard, it will only be ideal if we take our time before we proceed to purchase one. In the guide below, I will explore some of the factors to consider when purchasing a perfect couch for your basement.

As we all know, sofas in our living space serve different purposes to different people.

They are used for sitting purposes and places where we lounge and entertain friends, watch TV, eat, drink and read, and have a sleeping spot.

Buying a sofa is such a big commitment that you cannot imagine making the wrong choice.

Hand-picking the right couch for your basement can save you a lot of inconveniences.

Below are some of the factors to consider when purchasing a perfect couch for your basement.

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Purchasing A Perfect Couch For Your Basement: A Complete Guide.

Furnishing a basement can be such a big challenge since basements are not designed like any other house rooms, and they also tend to have different environmental conditions.

On the other hand, making the right choice can be overwhelming due to the many options available in the market nowadays.

Different sofas have different shapes to fit different spaces. They are also of different qualities, and others are customized according to the client’s needs.

Nevertheless, to save yourself from timewasting during sofa hunting and making the right decision, below are a few factors to consider when purchasing a perfect couch for your basement.

1.    Invest In A Reasonable Sofa Frame

Purchasing A Perfect Couch For Your Basement

Different sofas frames are made from different materials, including and not limited to metal or wood.

A sofa made from good quality material is capable of serving you for an extended period.

Ensure to take your time and scout for a good quality sofa frame. A good frame is a surety that the couch will serve its purposes as it is intended to do.

If you have some extra coin to spare, you can always go for the metal frame for your basement.

Metal frames are robust and a great choice. Nevertheless, a hardwood frame is generally excellent as well.

Points to note:

  • Always go for seats which the manufacturers are giving at least a guarantee of a minimum of 15 years.
  • A good quality sofa frame has its leg as part of the structure rather than been screwed on.
  • Ensure you do not feel the frame of the sofa when you sit on through the padding.
  • The cushion should not curve up when you sit on it; instead, it should remain as it was.
  • A good frame is also heavy when you lift and does not wobble when you lift it on the sides.

2.    The Size Of The Room

Purchasing A Perfect Couch For Your Basement

Your basement room size is the ultimate guide on the right size of the couch you need to purchase, depending on the free space you need around.

Some basements can be quite large. Therefore for you to buy a good sofa which will look decent as well, you will need to plan for it.

If your basement is big enough, you can always purchase a complete family couch set.

A simple L-shaped sofa is always a good choice if you need additional furniture like a coffee table or bookshelves in the basement space.

On the other hand, a round sofa will be ideal if the basement is a bit large since it will provide enough sitting space if you have visitors.

For smaller basement space, a tight back couch will work well because of its low profile.

Before purchasing any sofa for your basement, always ensure you have the room’s correct measurements.

Never assume you know the size of the room by just looking with bare eyes. Nesting tables will also be ideal for visitors to use.

3.    Check Out The Quality Of The Fabric

Purchasing A Perfect Couch For Your Basement

Besides the aesthetic value of the couch you are buying, you should note that the quality also matters greatly.

If you want a long-lasting basement couch, always confirm the quality of the fabric first.

Different sofa fabrics are made from different materials of various grades, and they all have different time frames.

Besides, you should consider whether the basement will be the busiest place in your home or just a resting site not frequently visited.

Another consideration when checking on the sofa fabric is to keep in mind whether you have kids or even pets.

Points to note;

  • Leather sofa fabrics are always the better choice since they are long-lasting, although they are pretty expensive.
  • Only use silk or satin sofa fabrics in areas that family members do not often visit since they tend to wear very easily
  • Textured sofa fabrics are not easy to show wear and tear, while microfibers are attractive and can be used in high traffic areas.
  • If you have small children and pets in the house, suede sofa fabric will not serve you well as they can seriously damage the fabric.

4.    The Shape Of The Sofa

Purchasing A Perfect Couch For Your Basement


There are different types of couch designs in the market, which serve different needs of customers.

They include but are not limited to; round shape sofa, a corner sofa set, L-shaped or curved shape, among others.

If your basement is big enough, a round shape sofa will be ideal. Incase the space is limited, single individual pieces of sofas will work fine.

On the other hand you can always opt for a family sofa package if you are a party addict or you host lots of get-together parties.

The package has several designs, such as traditional, modern, or classic.

Points to note;

  • Cushy loose pillows in a sofa are ideal for relaxation purposes.
  • A sofa with its arms much lower than the back of the seat can serve you in both informal and formal setting.
  • A seat with a tight back and a very shallow sitting allowance will be better suited for a formal setting.
  • Sectional sofas are cozy and are good in a casual or informal setting. They are the best choice for family gathering as it provides an ample sitting space.

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5.    Measure Your Basement

There is nothing is as disappointing as buying your favorite sofa only to come and realize it cannot fit in your basement.

Always ensure before you make such a purchase, you measure up your space perfectly.

Ensure to take keenly the exact dimension of the model of the furniture you are buying plus the free space.

Make sure there is sufficient space left after your sofa is placed where you need it.

Point to note;

With a piece of newspaper, cut out your sofa shape and align it on the room floor.

This way, you will be able to figure out whether you have enough space left to open both doors and windows, shelves, and even walk around.

6.    Confirm The Dimensions Of Your Basement Door And Stairways

Don’t be on the list of people who buy large furniture only to have them delivered at their doorstep and not fit through the door nor the stairways.

When measuring the space intended to accommodate your sofa, make sure to measure the doorframe together with the stairways.

Nevertheless, if there is limited access to your basement, you can always opt for a sofa with sections or removable legs.

Also, a low back style of a couch will work out as well. Lastly, you can have your favorite sofa customized to suit your needs.

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7.    Background Vs Couch Color Combination

Purchasing A Perfect Couch For Your Basement

Always factor in the pre-existing room color before buying your couch or any other furniture.

A correct color combination will always make the basement or any other room relaxing.

Most of the time, neutral colors always fit the best. On the other hand, if you are a person who loves vibrant colors and patterns, you can always go ahead and purchase one.

You can also pop out your dull color couch with colorful throw pillows. An interior designer can come in handy just if you are not sure of what colors to combine.

Points to note;

  • Dark colors absorb more light making your basement look like a lock-up.
  • Always choose brighter colors as they will always brighten the basement space.

8.    Pillow And Cushions

Purchasing A Perfect Couch For Your Basement

Cushions and pillows can make your couch to be comfortable or not. A sofa backseat filled with feather fillings (goose feathers) is more comfortable though expensive.

On the other hand, fiber or foam fillings lose their shape and flatten out over time, mainly if the sofa is frequently used.

For a cost-effective seat cushion, a mixture of foam and feathers will be ideal. The foam will give the shape of your cushion, while the feathers will provide comfort.

A Final Thought On Purchasing A Perfect Couch For Your Basement

With our market flooded with so many options to chose from, buying a sofa can never be challenging.

The only issue is to find a perfect, comfortable, and durable sofa for your basement.

The above tips in this blog will ultimately guide you into purchasing a perfect couch for your basement.

Always ensure to factor in all the guidelines as you will not be happy to find your ideal sofa only for it not to fit in your door to the basement.

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