How To Minimize Dust In Your Home: 10 Easy Tips

Have you ever wondered how to minimize dust in your home?

Clearing dust in your home can feel like a never-ending cycle since it calls for regular attention.

It is even worse if you have family members who suffer from allergies.

Though everyday household dust is not risky to an average person, it can, on the other hand, cause severe symptoms to people with allergies.

Usually, dust is composed of tiny and fine particles from humans’ dead skins and cloth fibers, soil carried by the wind, pollen from plants, human hair, animal fur, to mention a few.

Dust in our homes collects on furniture, floors, and other fabrics and spaces in the house.

If ignored, the dust particles will collect into dust bunnies and lie low under the bed, kitchen shelves, among other forgotten areas.

Therefore, it is very crucial to keep dust under control for the sake of your family members and any other person who may come visiting.

So, how do you minimize dust in your home? I will take you through a few practical tips to help you control dust in the guide below.

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How To Minimize Dust In Your Home: 10 Easy Tips To Consider

Dusty homes are everywhere, even in our neighbourhood.

Un-cleaned dust can attract all manner of insects which end up invading our space at home.

The insects include cockroaches and mites, which hide in sofas, carpets, and curtains.

Even though you cannot wholly eradicate dust in your home, at least you can reduce it.

Sneezing, watery eyes are all signs of dust allergy or a dusty house.

Below are some straightforward tips you can employ to minimize dust in your home.

1)    Invest In A Doormat

How To Minimize Dust In Your Home

Placing a strong doormat at the doorstep of your house is one of the critical steps to reducing dust in the house.

Always ensure anyone visiting your home cleans or wipes their feet and leaves their shoes outside.

Shoes carry with them a lot of dust and bacteria from public toilets and streets where you have been walking all day.

You do not want to carry all the disgusting stuff inside your home.

Every other day ensures to take the mats outside and shake them clean.

A hand vacuum will be adequate to take out all the dust. Vacuum, both sides of the mat since dust, tend to seep through carpets and rugs.

2)    Tidy Up Your House

How To Minimize Dust In Your Home

A house full of clutter and unorganized items is a perfect space for dust to gather.

A collection of books, magazines, and toys, among other items which can sit for months without attention, can lead to the accumulation of so much dust.

Ensure to put items that you do not often use into cabinets and close them.

Tidying up your house will also make cleaning and dusting very easy as you will be able to reach so many places for cleaning.

3)    Use A Microfiber Cloth For Cleaning: Do Not Dry Dustir?t=betty0f3 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07HRCDDL1

Not all dusting fabrics are perfect for clearing the dust in your home neither are the dusting feathers.

Even if you follow all the instructions on using the dusting feathers to the latter, the dust would still spiral down and settle again into the cleaned spaces.

If you decide to use a dusting cloth, ensure it is wet and clear of dripping water.

All in all, microfibre cloths are the best to use to dust your house.

Microfiber cloths have electrostatic charges, which attract dust and hold it, making it the best option for cleaning dust.

To save on money, you can buy reusable ones as long as you keep them clean.

In addition, a microfiber dusting tool kit will help clean your ceiling fans, window blinds, and generally the whole house.

4)    Use An Air Purifier For Dust Allergiesir?t=betty0f3 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07VVK39F7

An air purifier should be the last option if all the rest fail.

Air purifiers will be helpful, especially for people who have severe allergies like asthma.

The purifiers are designed to collect and contain dust, thus clearing all allergens and airborne contaminants in your house.

Ensure your air purifier has a HEPA filter for better performance. Place it near windows and doors for an excellent job.

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5)    Clean And Change Your Beddings Often

How To Minimize Dust In Your Home

A lot of people concentrate on cleaning bedsheets and pillowcases, forgetting the mattresses and the pillows.

Your mattress and pillow can collect a lot of skin flakes, hair, dander, among other items that fall out during changes of bedsheets and pillowcases.

When changing your beddings, always fold the used ones rather than just lifting them to minimize fallouts.

Once every quarter, ensure to vacuum your mattress and clean the pillows.

For people with allergies, an allergen-proof mattress cover will come in handy.

A clean bed equals a night of better sleep at night.

6)    Vacuum Your House Every Other Dayir?t=betty0f3 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B082VR2BX1

Vacuuming your home is one of the most efficient ways to reduce dust in your home drastically.

The change is so drastic and immediate that you cannot fail to notice.

When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, buy the one with HEPA filters.

HEPA filters are well known for their efficiency in removing up to 99.9% of pollen in the air, animal dander, tiny dust particles, and even bacteria.

To better control dust in your home, ensure to vacuum the busy places like the living room and kitchen at least 2-3 times a week, while the less active areas you can vacuum at least once a week.

When vacuuming, ensure to move the machine slowly with overlapping movements to give it enough time to suck all the dust. Also, vacuum wall to wall, then again across from wall to wall.

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7)    Groom Your Pets From Outside

How To Minimize Dust In Your Home

Pets carry with them dust and dirt from outside.

In addition, they shed dander and fur, which can collect on carpets and seats. Always make sure you clean your pets from the open space outside your house.

If it is impossible to get an area where you can clean them outside your home, you can clean them in your bathroom but ensure you have placed them on a towel.

Once done shaving or brushing your pet, collect the towel, shake it vigorously from the outside even through a window, and clean it thoroughly.

8)    Replace Or Avoid Carpeting.

Carpets are not only beautiful and cozy but also very warm, especially during the winter season.

On the other hand, carpets also trap a lot of dirt and dust beneath the padding. Vacuuming them does not assure you of a dust-free carpet.

Even though steam cleaning your carpet may be helpful to clean the underneath dust, it also causes them to wear and tear off very easily and fast.

In the end, the worn fiber fragments end up being dust which will keep on flying over your home, causing allergic reactions.

9)    Clean And Dry The Air Ducts

Floor registers are essential when it comes to controlling the cooling and heating of your home.

Once you pull the vent covers, you can see the air ducts, and you will be able to tell if there is dirt or not.

Air ducts attract a lot of dust which ends up building up. Cleaning the air ducts and vents will drastically reduce the amount of dust in your home.

Remember to clean the entire system, from the vent covers to the air dust, as often as required.

10)   Bar Shoes Inside The House (Offer House Only Shoes)ir?t=betty0f3 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08FSGYXGZ

To reduce dust from entering your home from outside, bar people inside your house with their shoes on.

The sole of the shoe can collect a lot of dirt and dust when walking out.

At the entrance of your home, put a rack of clean slippers such that when one removes their shoes, they can put them on while in the house.

Also, ensure there is a bucket to collect the dirty shoes so that the entrance of your home is not dirty too.

Final Thoughts On How To Minimize Dust In Your Home

A dusty home is always a nightmare to any homeowner.

It is even worse if you have members who suffer from an allergy.

Nevertheless, it is not impossible to control it to the minimum. With a bit of effort, the above are some tips on minimizing dust in your home.

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