Ultimate Guide on How to Stop Dust Coming Through Windows

I’m going to show you a step-by-step guide on how to stop dust coming through windows. A simple way to prevent dust from coming through windows is by closing curtains or blinds.

Does dust come into your living room through the windows? Do you want to stop it?

If you answered yes, you would be pleased to learn that a few options can help you achieve this goal.

This will prevent any drafts from getting in, and any dust on the windowsill will be less likely to get blown around by the wind.

Dusty rooms and indoor air can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and other illnesses that you and your family (and pets) could contract.

While dusty rooms are unavoidable for people who live in cities, they can be alleviated by frequent cleaning and purchasing air purifiers.

Most respiratory problems can be avoided if you learn how to manage dust at home.

We all want to live in a clean and dust-free house, but many of us wipe the furniture and forget to take care of the dust source.

While dust is impossible to get rid of completely, there are methods you can adopt to make your home dust-free.

Keep reading to learn various ways on how to stop dust coming through windows.

8 Ways on How to Stop Dust Coming Through Windows and entering Your house

1.    Close your windows

This is the best and most effective method of keeping dust away from your house.

Keep your windows closed, especially if you live in a busy street or an area full of bare land.

Lack of trees and grassland increases the amount of dust in the air, making it easy for it to find its way into your house.

So make sure to keep your windows closed. You can open them when the weather is cool at night or after rain.

2.    Wash your windows

Make a habit of cleaning your windows regularly, irrespective of where you live.

It does not matter whether there is much dust or not; inevitably, dust will collect on your windows.

And each day they remain unwashed is another layer of dust.

If you don’t clean your windows, you will find that the dust will pile up.

And every time you open your window, dust will be brown inside, and it will settle on your rugs and furniture.

It won’t take much of your time to clean the windows.

So grab a bucket full of cleaning solution and a microfiber cleaning cloth and get to work.

Clean them every week to prevent dust build-up.

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3.    Wipe your window frame regularly

When washing your windows, don’t forget to wipe the frame.

The dust also collects on your window sill.

So if you don’t wipe it off, every time you open your windows and move the curtains, the dust will be blown over into the house, thus spreading throughout the room.

So, make sure to wipe your window frames while washing the windows.

4.    Outfit your windows with a dust screen

A dust screen is attached to your window frame, and it acts as a protective screen by keeping the wind off your house.

It is especially essential in houses facing a busy street or much dust in the surrounding environment.

If you have outfitted your windows with a dust screen, you can open the windows without worrying about dusting making its way into your house

Note that the dust screen will not allow air in, making your room stuffy.

So you’d better install an air conditioner in your house.

The best thing about dust screens is quite easy to install.

So you don’t need to hire a professional.

And since they are a bit on the dense side, you’ll have to schedule regular maintenance.

So, if your area is too dusty, remove it once or twice and clean it with soap and water.

5.    Keep your curtains closed

If you want to open your windows for airflow, keep your curtains closed.

Although they will let some dust, they will block out the majority, allowing only the clean air.

Make a habit of cleaning them every week as they collect large amounts of dust.

And if they stay for long, the dust particles will be too much, and eventually, more will get into the house.

The best way to clean your curtains is by steaming them.

This way, you will be able to remove the dirt and other bacteria, leaving your curtains sterile.

Ensure that you change or wash your curtains every time you wash your windows.

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6.    Wipe dust off your blinds

If you have blinds in the place of the curtain, make sure to wipe them.

There are interior and exterior blinds.

Interior blinds should be cleaned once or twice a week.

Just take a blind duster, microfiber cloth, water, and your cleaning solution.

It is pretty easy to clean interior blinds.

However, it might be a bit of work cleaning exterior blinds.

First, you need to wipe the blinds to get rid of the dust.

This helps prevent muddy puddles on your blinds when it mixes with the cleaning solution.

After wiping, take a wet microfiber cloth and start wiping.

Then follow up with a dry lint-free cloth and wipe them dry.

7.    Air purifiers

You will never be able to prevent dust from entering your room entirely.

So you should invest in an air purifier.

This is the best way to filter the air of dust particles while at the same time improving the air quality in your room.

An air purifier is a great investment, especially for people with allergies.

By a push of a button, pollen, dust, hair from your cat & dog, and mould are all sucked up.

Some of the best air purifiers in the market include:

Levoit Air Purifier, Germ Gurdian True HEPA Filter, and Winnix 5500-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA

If you want to increase the efficiency of your air purifier, you must place it strategically.

And since we are stopping dust and other particles and bacteria from getting into the house through the window.

It would be best if you placed it near the window.

Place it about 3 to 5 feet above the ground. You can mount it on the wall or place it on a table.

This allows it to suck up all the dust, pollen, and mould, leaving the air clean.

Don’t place it in a corner and ensure nothing is in front of it as it obstructs its effectiveness.

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8.    Air conditioner

Many people living in urban areas prefer to use air conditioners in their homes.

This is because there is a lot of traffic outside (people and cars), making dust particles rise and get into houses through windows and doors.

That’s why many don’t like to open their windows and rely on air conditioners.

However, many don’t know that if you don’t conduct regular maintenance on your AC, it can be detrimental to your health.

This is because its ducts collect dust, pollen, and bacteria over time.

If it stays for an extended period without maintenance, it releases these dust particles and bacteria into the air. And in some instances, mould.

So make sure to carry out regular maintenance.

And if you’ve installed an anti-allergen filter, remove and clean it often.

Although AC comes with many benefits, it’s still good to open your windows once in a while, mostly at night when the weather is cool and less traffic.

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Your Home is Your Domain; Keep it Dust Free & Fresh. Additional Ways You Can Manage Dust in Your House

We love spending more time in certain areas of a house than others.

For example; a master bedroom, the kitchen, or somewhere where we can easily snuggle up in comfort and watch some TV.

One of my favourite rooms has to be a living room with one big bay window.

I often found myself lying back on the comfy sofa and admiring the view.

Dust is an inevitable fact of life for all households.

Not only does it clog up our computers and cause unpleasant sneezing fits, but it also accumulates on our furniture.

And to make sure that your house is dust-free; you can employ the following ways on how to stop dust coming through windows.

1.    Change your bedding

Dust settles on your beddings and makes you feel stuffy when you go to sleep.

This can trigger your allergies or cause respiratory issues like rhinitis.

So, change your bedding regularly.

2.    Wash your carpet  and rugs regularly

Carpets are great as they protect our feet from the cold floors.

They also make our houses look beautiful.

However, they collect a lot of dust.

And irrespective of how much you vacuum clean them, some dust will always remain.

You can use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.

It helps prevent dust from circulating back in the air.

Kenmore Intuition BU4022 is among the best vacuum cleaners in the market.

It is lightweight and easy to operate and has self-sealing bags, ensuring that you don’t have to touch the dirt.

It also helps get rid of stains. As for the rugs, you can remove, wash, and return them when they are dry.

3.    Make use of your doormat

When coming from outside, make sure to use the doormat correctly not to bring dust into the house.

Wipe your shoes on the outer doormat before placing them on the shoe rack.

Then wipe your feet on the interior doormat.

Caution: Do not bring in your outside shoes in the house before cleaning them as they have a lot of dust, dirt, and bacteria.

Final Thoughts on How to Stop Dust Coming Through Windows

They say you can’t keep dust from coming through your window, but that isn’t true.

With these tips on how to stop dust coming through windows, you can keep dust to a minimum and extend the lifespan of your windows (and their paint job) significantly.

Have you ever used any of the above methods to get rid of dust in your house?

Would you mind sharing your answer and question in the comment section?

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