How to Wash Throw Pillows Without Removable Cover

Stains, dust, and even pet hair can accumulate, leaving you with a dilemma: how do you wash a throw pillow without a removable cover?

Unlike pillows with removable covers that can be quickly taken off and washed separately, these pillows require a different approach.

The absence of a removable cover means the entire pillow needs to be cleaned, including the filling. This can make the cleaning process more time-consuming and delicate.

Ideally, spot cleaning is the best way to go about it. Use a mild detergent solution and a clean white cloth, and gently dab (don’t scrub!) at the stain. Work from the outside inwards to avoid spreading it further.

This seemingly simple task can quickly become a source of stress. Throwing a bulky pillow in the washing machine feels risky, and handwashing a large pillow can be a chore. But the thought of living with dirty pillows isn’t exactly appealing either.

Following the guidelines outlined in this article is the best way to avoid any shrinkage, color fading, or other cleaning mishaps.

How to Wash Throw Pillows Without Removable Cover Without Damaging Them

Before You Begin: Preparation is Key

  • A. Check the Care Label: This little tag on your pillow is your cleaning bible! Always check the care label first, as it will provide specific instructions based on the fabric type. Is it a delicate silk or a durable cotton blend? The care label knows! Following the recommended cleaning method will ensure you don’t accidentally damage your beloved pillow.
  • B. Address Stains: Stubborn stains require a little extra TLC before tackling the full cleaning process. Using a mild detergent solution and a clean, colorfast cloth, gently dab (don’t scrub!) at the stain. Work from the outside inwards to avoid spreading the stain further. By pre-treating stains, you’ll increase your chances of a successful clean.

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How to wash throw pillows without a removable cover: A Gentle Touch

How to Wash Throw Pillows Without Removable Cover

For many throw pillows without removable covers, handwashing is the safest and most effective cleaning method.

Gather your supplies: mild detergent, lukewarm water, a large basin (like a bathtub or sink), and a few clean towels.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to handwashing your throw pillow:

  1. Fill the basin with lukewarm water and add a small amount of mild detergent. Remember, a little goes a long way!
  2. Submerge the pillow completely in the soapy water. Gently agitate the pillow by squeezing it and swirling it around in the water to release dirt and stains.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Keep rinsing until all the suds disappear. You might need to change the water a few times to ensure all the soap is removed.
  4. Avoid wringing excessively! Excessive wringing can damage the filling. Instead, gently squeeze out excess water with your hands.

Drying: Patience is a Virtue

Now comes the drying stage. Remember, patience is key! Here’s how to ensure your pillow dries completely and avoids any mildew or mold growth:

  1. Lay the pillow flat on a clean, absorbent towel. A large bath towel works well for most throw pillows.
  2. Reshape the pillow if needed. Gently pat the pillow back into its original shape.
  3. Allow the pillow to air dry completely in a well-ventilated area. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can fade the fabric. Flipping the pillow occasionally can speed up the drying process.

How to wash throw pillows in a washing machine (Proceed with Caution!)

How to Wash Throw Pillows Without Removable Cover

While handwashing is generally recommended, some throw pillows might be machine-washable. However, this method should be cautiously approached, as it can be harsh on certain fabrics. Here are some things to consider before throwing your pillow in the washing machine:

  • A. Weigh the Risks and Benefits: Machine washing can be risky for some fabrics, especially delicate materials like silk or wool. If you’re unsure, err on caution and handwash instead.
  • B. If you choose machine Washing, select the gentlest cycle and cold water if the care label allows machine washing. Use a mild detergent suitable for delicate and place the pillow in a mesh laundry bag or old pillowcase for added protection.
  • C. Drying: Follow the air-drying instructions from the handwashing section.

Important Note: After machine washing, always check the pillow’s shape. Reshape it if needed and fluff the filling for even distribution.

Fluffing and Restoring Plumpness on Throw Pillows

Fluffing is crucial to maintaining your pillow’s shape and comfort.

It helps to redistribute the filling evenly and restore your pillow’s original plumpness.

  • Gently knead and squeeze the pillow throughout. Imagine you’re massaging the filling to redistribute it evenly. This will help the pillow regain its original plumpness and feel refreshed.
  • Smack it gently! (Don’t worry, be gentle!) Give the pillow a few light whacks with your open palm to help loosen any clumps of filling that might have formed during washing.
  • Repeat! Fluff and reshape the pillow periodically throughout drying to ensure even filling distribution and prevent misshapen lumps.

Bonus Tip: For an extra touch of freshness, sprinkle some baking soda on your clean, dry throw pillow before fluffing it. Leave it for 15 minutes, then vacuum it off. This will help absorb any lingering odors.

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Professional Cleaning Services (When DIY Fails)

Sometimes, even the best intentions and gentlest cleaning methods might not suit your throw pillow. Here are some situations where seeking professional cleaning services might be the best option:

  • A. Delicate or Non-Washable Pillows: If your throw pillow is made from a delicate fabric like silk, wool or features embellishments like embroidery or beads, it’s best to leave the cleaning to the professionals. They have the expertise and equipment to handle these delicate materials safely and effectively.
  • B. Benefits of Professional Cleaning: Professional cleaners have the knowledge and experience to clean various fabrics and fillings. They also use specialized cleaning solutions and equipment to tackle even the toughest stains without damaging your pillow.
  • C. Finding a Reputable Service: Look for a reputable cleaning service with experience in upholstery cleaning. Read online reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or family.

How Often Should You Wash Throw Pillows?

How to Wash Throw Pillows Without Removable Cover

The frequency of washing throw pillows can depend on several factors, including usage, personal preferences, allergies, and whether or not they have removable covers.

  1. Usage: Pillows that are frequently used may need to be washed more often as they can accumulate dirt, sweat, and oils from our skin. This is especially true for throw pillows on couches or beds that are used daily.
  2. Personal Preferences: Some people prefer to wash their throw pillows more frequently for a fresh feel and smell. If you prefer a clean and fresh environment, you might choose to wash your throw pillows more often.
  3. Allergies: For those with allergies, washing the pillows more frequently might be necessary. Dust mites, a common allergen, can accumulate in pillows and cause allergic reactions.
  4. Removable Covers: You’re lucky if your throw pillows have removable covers. These covers can be removed and washed separately, making the process much easier. It’s recommended to wash these at least once a month.

As for the pillow insert, it doesn’t need to be washed as frequently. Every 3-6 months should suffice unless there’s a spill or accident. However, always check the care label as some inserts might be spot-clean only or require professional cleaning.

These are general guidelines, and the cleaning frequency may depend on your circumstances.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep your throw pillows in the best condition.

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Conclusion How to Wash Throw Pillows Without Removable Cover Without Damaging Them

There you have it! With a little preparation, the right cleaning method, and some gentle fluffing techniques, you can conquer the challenge of cleaning throw pillows without removable covers.

So, the next time your favorite pillow worsens for wear, don’t despair! With the knowledge from this article, you can breathe new life into your throw pillows and keep your cozy corner looking and feeling fresh.

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