Is There A Monthly Fee For Google Home?

You have probably seen the infomercials about this fancy voice-activated home assistant that does everything from turning on and off your lights to reading a bedtime story to your kids.

Now, this might be the smartest innovation since the dawning of the sliced bread you might be silently telling yourself.

The outstanding feature with these speakers is that they all come with an inbuilt google voice assistant. Which is undergoing rigorous updates and couples with machine learning capabilities. Coming back to the question, is there is a monthly fee for google home?

Google home  has undergone a variety of name change over the years with the products following these categories Google Nest mantle,  Google Nest Hub Max, and Google Nest Mini.

To help in answering this elusive question we’re going first to have a profound view of the google home smart speakers.

 Unraveling the mystery behind whether there is a monthly fee for Google home?

Is There A Monthly Fee For Google Home

These are a brand of smart speakers developed by Google. They are voice-activated, and users only have to speak their commands to interact with the service through google assistant, i.e., Google’s virtual assistant.

In the wake of technology, goggle home devices allow users to automate their homes ineffectively and have control over their smart devices just by issuing voice commands.

The connectivity solely relies on the Wi-Fi dual-band (2.4/5 GHz) 802.11b/g/ac).

Which Google speakers should you purchase?

Is There A Monthly Fee For Google Home

Google home has a set of three speakers Google assistant, Google home mini and google home max. You get access to the same google assistant service from all the above smart speakers; the only difference is on the sound quality, pricing, and size.

If you have any fears that the smart speakers might be secretly recording or listening in the background when not in use. You can relax because the smart speakers aren’t equipped for this capability.

Let’s demystify this by enlightening; the smart speakers are pre-programmed on to respond to specific wake words, i.e., ‘Hey Google or OK Google’ commands that activate it.

How does Google home operate?

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The overall workings of the smart speaker work by the issuance of voice commands or via a compatible app.

Living in a smart home google home will make your stay worthwhile you only have to voice your commands, and the smart speakers will carry the out.

You only have to connect it to compatible products like smart light bulbs, and now you can comfortably control them buy only saying “turn off the lights in the bedroom.”

Once the smart speaker is connected to a compatible app, you can give it commands to carry out like playing music and podcasts, give you the weather forecast for the day, and setting your alarm clock.

Setting up the Google Home smart speaker

Is There A Monthly Fee For Google Home

There are a variety of prior preparations needed before for a smooth running with the Google Home smart speaker. You will require;

  • Google account
  • Connectivity to the internet
  • Compactible mobile app for Android or IOS
  • Power source.

To start, ensure that your mobile phone and the smart speakers are all connected to the same internet service provider.

Once this is done, the onscreen interactions on your mobile device will guide you through.

During the setup process, the app will ask a variety of questions in regards to your privacy.

Such as your home location or whether to use an exact voice match and so forth.

To be on the safe side, make sure you read through the information you will be provided with to enable you to make a sound judgment.

Running and operations of the google home

To run the device, you simply have to voice your commands, for this to work you start with the trigger voice command, i.e., ‘Hey Google or OK Google‘ phrases followed up the power you wanted, for example;

Is There A Monthly Fee For Google Home

  • To set up an alarm, you say, “Hey, Google/OK, Google set up an alarm for 7.00A.M”
  • To get the weather forecast, says, “OK Google/Hey Google, what is the weather?”
  • To listen to some music, “Hey Google/OK Google, play the Beatles.”
  • You have a doctor’s appointment, and you’re worried it might slip your mind, no need to worry. “Hey, Google/OK Google, remind me at 2 P.M to call the doctor.”
  • Too tired to flip through the channels and tune in to your favorite movies. “OK Google/ Hey Google, play Fast and Furious on Netflix,” that is if you have Chromecast connected.
  • Too tired to get up and turn off the lights or the lights too bright and you want to dim them. If you have smart bulbs fitted, you don’t have to move an inch. Just say, “Hey Google/OK Google, turn off the lights in the bedroom” or “OK Google/ Hey Google, dim off the lights in the living room.”
  • The room temperature is getting too hot or cold for you, and you have a smart thermostat connected.
  • Google home will readjust your temperatures and have them to your optimal standard just by voicing your commands, “OK Google/ Hey Google set the thermostat to 40 degrees.”

What works with google home

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Google home works a variety of connected smart home devices, such as;

  • Security systems
  • Appliances and fixtures
  • Thermostats and other temperature control units
  • Entertainment units
  • Computer accessories, i.e., printer, router
  • Lighting

With its continuous integration into some of the service providers like Starbucks, ordering foods and drinks. Now much more comfortable and convenient, and you have to wait in line before you get served or your order gets ready.

But for this to work, the device requires additional connected services like an authenticated Starbucks app installed on your mobile phone device.

Additionally, you can interact with the Google home device by using the touch interface button located on the top, swirling your finger on it to change the volume, single tap pauses or resumes the music playback, and press and hold the button to activate commands without necessarily saying the trigger words “OK Google or Hey Google”.

Should you purchase the smart speakers’ Google home.’

Initially, Google home was the predecessor smart device sold to households, but later on, with the advent of technology came better and improved versions. With ingenuity on the forefront, Google has developed some fantastic smart speaker-type products.

Like the Google home hub the speaker fitted with a screen. Google home max rectangular-shaped speaker who has enhanced audio qualities.  Google home mini a smaller version that specifically designed for people who don’t have a lot of smart devices in their homes or aren’t versed with the world of smart speakers.

The Google home device sells at an arguably fair price and its well suited for individuals who are accustomed to Google services.

Are you running Google assistant on your mobile phone? Then it’s about time to enter upgrade and enter the next level by adding a smart speaker.

Google Home average cost, availability, and handiness

Going for around $129, but you can get at $89 if you purchase from the Google stores.

These smart speakers can found from other retailer outlets like the Kohl’s and BestBuy stores where you can purchase the Google home at bargain prices.

Google has come with ingenious creativity to avoid the monotony of on color on the smart speakers. With a variety of colorful bases for the smart speakers, you get to change the appearance of the Google home to suit your desired colors.

Google Home is available in most of the states in the U.S except for Puerto Rico. Other regions that the device is available include. The United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, Canada, Spain, Japan, Italy, Denmark, North Korea, India, Singapore, France, and South Korea.

Final verdict

Is There A Monthly Fee For Google Home

Deliberating on whether to purchase the Google Home smart speaker but still wondering whether there is a monthly fee for Google home?

All you need to have  is a Google account, and you’re set for an extraordinaire experience.

Before its grand entrance into the world of smart speakers in the year 2016, the majority thought of Alexa manufactured by amazon as the superior version of the smart speakers.

Google home has the edge over all of them including the latest spinoff models version introduced in the market lately.

Having given you the relevant information regarding the Google home, here are some pros and cons for the Google home.


  • Customizable base
  • Voluminous music library
  • An ever-expanding software and hardware system couple with machine learning abilities


  • Google cast support isn’t fully functional
  • Google assistant phrasing of words needs a more refined and rigid  language comprehension system.
  • Missing some of the intrinsic Google core services

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