Ways To Make Stairs Less Slippery For The Dogs At Home: A Full Guide

Have you noticed that your dog has trouble going up and down the stairs? In the guide below, I will explore the top 10 ways to make stairs less slippery for the dogs at home.

As a dog owner, it is always your wish to have your pet comfortable and very safe at home, even if it will require you to go an extra mile to make the space safe.

One such space we need to make safe for the dog is the staircase in our home or apartment.

The polish on the wooden stairs and the sleekness of the tiled stairs can make the stairs very slippery for the dogs.

Walking down or up the stairs can be very risky since dogs can fall and get seriously injured.

Therefore keeping the above in mind, I will explore ways to make the stairs less slippery for the dogs at home to prevent some obvious and serious injuries.

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5 Key Reasons Why It Is Difficult For A Dog To Climb Stairs At Home.

Both tiles and hardwood floors have become popular recently because they are easy to clean and because they add beauty and warmth to our homes.

On the other hand, stairs can be bad news for our pets at home, such as the dogs.

Apart from the challenge of stairs being slippery, there are other reasons why your dog may be unable to climb or go down the stairs.

a) Slippery Floor.

Even the healthiest dog can slip and fall down the stairs if the stairs are slippery.

The fall can be very nasty to the extent that it leads to severe injuries to the dog.

Endeavor to make your stairs less slippery to avoid such scenarios.

b) Age Of The Dog.

With age come a lot of complications.

Senior dogs, just like humans, suffer from joint aches, back pains, and even lack enough energy to climb up the stairs.

Some breeds with heavy and big dogs, such as golden retrievers, and Rottweilers, may suffer from hip dysplasia.

Such conditions may make dogs fear climbing slippery floors like hardwood because they do not have enough grip.

c) Loss Of Vision.

As they age, dogs can lose their vision.

Loss of vision can make going up and down the stairs daunting, especially if the stairs are slippery.

Such dogs will need help up and down the stairs.

d)    Injury.

Both back and leg injuries can prevent your dog from climbing the stairs.

Dogs use their hind legs to push up the stairs, so their back needs stability.

e) Fear Of Climbing The Stairs.

By looking at the stairs, your puppy or dog, my fear of climbing stairs.

With your help, move them up and down until they are comfortable moving independently.

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Top 10 Ways To Make Stairs Less Slippery For The Dogs At Home

1)    Install Stair Runners.ir?t=betty0f3 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00GOF1B12

Stair runners are strips of carpet fitted only to the middle of the stairs of your home.

They do not cover the whole stair but rather the middle section.

Once installed, they will make your staircase less slippery for your dogs.

In addition, they protect your wood from being damaged; they are elegant and reduce noise.

2) Use The Non-Skid Stair Treads Carpet.ir?t=betty0f3 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07WYTSPR1

Staircase tread carpets are individual pieces of carpet that can be placed independently on each stair in your house.

Unlike carpets, they are very easy to clean and maintain. They are also pet-paw and child friendly than the non-slip tapes.

They have a softer feeling and still protect against slipping.

Before purchasing any tread carpet, ensure it has enough traction to hold it in place to avoid slippage.

The non-slip backing helps to hold them in place. Carpet stair treads can reduce the risk of your dog slipping down the stairs when installed as per the instructions.

3)    Use Non-Slip Stairs Tread Tapesir?t=betty0f3 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08F7DKTD4

Non-slip stair tread tapes are easy and simple to install. They are also durable and are available in different sizes and shapes.

They are economical and provide the needed traction as per need, from the coarsest ones for commercial use to the ones which are infant friendly.

You can use them either indoors or outdoor. To install the tapes, remove the cover at the back and stick them to the needed stairs and ensure removing the trapped air bubbles.

On the downside, they can easily damage (peel the paint) wood flooring and leave some residue when removing the tapes.

In addition, it might be challenging to align them straight and clear all the bubbles.

4)    Apply The Anti-Slip Floor Finish

Ways To Make Stairs Less Slippery For The Dogs At Home

Anti-slip floor finish is one of the excellent ways one can use to add traction to the stairs at home without interfering with the original appearance of the tiles or wood.

They are available in the form of paint or a clear coating. They can also be water-based or oil-based.

They are available in different colours, to enable you to choose depending on your taste.

They are not only suitable for wooden stairs but also vinyl, tiles, or even concrete surfaces.

They are an excellent choice if you do not want to change the appearance of your stairs by covering them with carpets and treads.

The tiny particles incorporated in the finish provide enough traction to the surface of the stairs, thus making your stairs less slippery.

On the flip side, the anti-slip floor finish does not last as long as the treads and carpet, so it will entail you to keep applying the finish from time to time.

5) Spray Stairs With Anti-Slip Spray.

Anti-slip sprays are an easy fix to your slippery floor.

They are easy and simple to apply both on the interior and exterior stair surfaces.

They are not easy to notice once sprayed on the floor or the stairs since they have a light texture with is friendly to both the dog’s paw and baby’s feet.

6) Put In Place A Stair Ramp.

Stair ramps are ideal when your dog has very few steps to climb. They are easy to install, and setting them up is very fast.

Stair ramps reduce the pressure placed on the dog’s hind legs, thus enabling it to go up and down the stairs easily.

Most pet ramps are painted with non-slip paint to add traction to avoid dogs from sliding back.

If you are lucky to have a wide staircase space, once you have installed the ramp, you can leave it there permanently, but if narrow, it is also easy to remove and re-install later when needed.

7)    Enhance The Staircase Visibility.

Ways To Make Stairs Less Slippery For The Dogs At Home

Generally, dogs have incredible eyesight, but things can change drastically with age.

It can be a challenge to climb a staircase when there is poor lighting or dark.

When the stairs are dark, and the dog cannot see well, the chances of tripping, falling, and getting injured are very high.

Always ensure the staircases are well-light. Solar landscaping lights can come in handy just in case you are trying to save on your power bills.

Another option to make the stairs look outstanding for easy visibility by the dog is to duct-tape all the stair steps.

Yellow or blue duct tape will stand out for the dog to notice and guide it up and down the stairs.

8)   Invest In Dog’s Toe Gripsir?t=betty0f3 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07W99F9FY

Toe grips are natural anti-slip nail grips that you can fit into the individual toenails of your dog.

They add instant grip to enhance the dog’s grip on hardwood or smooth floors.

They are available in various styles and colours from the stores or even on Amazon.

Besides helping the dog attain grip, they also give your pet a fancy look.

Ensure always to check them as they may fall off. Also, it’s good to note that, after some time, they may wear out, so you will need to replace them.

9)    Trim Your Dog’s Footpads And Nails.

Ways To Make Stairs Less Slippery For The Dogs At Home

Long nails and fuzzy foot pads can easily lead to your dog tripping down the stairs.

Regularly trim your dog’s nails if your dog spends most of its time indoors.

For the dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors and on the pavements, their nails will get trimmed naturally.

Long nails, with no doubt, can prevent a dog from having an excellent steady and firm grip while climbing stairs.

It is even more problematic on wooden or tiles stairs since they are naturally slippery.

In addition, ensure to trim the dog’s fuzzy footpads, especially if your dog is fluffy.

Collection of fuzz on your dog’s paws pads can increase the chances of slipping down the stairs as the grip is very much reduced.

Often trim the excess hair and long nails to make our dog more stable.

10) Buy A Dog Lift/Sling/Kennelir?t=betty0f3 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07L3VLH5S

Dog lift, sling, or kennel are all means you can use to assist your dog move up and down the stairs.

They will come in handy for dogs that experience joint problems, especially on the hips.

Arthritis and back issues are very common in elderly dogs. Weak hind legs can easily prompt your dog to slide and fall.

Final Thoughts On Ways To Make Stairs Less Slippery For The Dogs At Home

Ways To Make Stairs Less Slippery For The Dogs At Home

As a homeowner, everyone and everything you host, including pets, is your responsibility.

It’s upon you to provide them with a safe environment. Nevertheless, slipping accidents are inevitable, especially on wooden surfaces and tiled and vinyl spaces.

Therefore, always ensure to secure your space. In the guide above, I have explored some possible ways to make stairs less slippery for the dogs at home, for they too are your responsibility.

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