Can I Sleep in My Room After Spraying Raid

“Can I sleep in my room after spraying raid?” This is one of the common questions in-home online forums that most people ask after spraying Raid in their homes?

There are things that you need to know before and after spraying Raid. Things like the severity of the insecticide, whether you can use the room immediately after spraying, and also the recommended safe practices.

The Purpose of Spraying Raid

A home infested with insects and bugs can be uncomfortable to live in, whether they are harmful or not.  Bugs and pests can cause various health problems depending on the kind of insects they are.

Mosquitoes and ticks cause vector-borne diseases. Cockroaches can contribute to asthma and also allergies. Other insects can also cause diseases such as anthrax, prions, and avian flu.

Spraying Raid insecticide will eliminate and prevent these insects from coming into your home. You may need to spray the insecticide a few more times if the infestation is severe. (Source)

Raid, like other insecticides, acts as a defense mechanism against insects. Raid is much stronger and more effective, compared to other pesticides.

Can I Sleep in My Room After Spraying Raid

Is Raid Harmful?

Just like the other insecticides, Raid contains specific ingredients that can be harmful to you. These ingredients are powerful against insects. However, to humans, these ingredients are hazardous according to the raid datasheet.

Raid contains two chemicals that are not safe: Cypermethrin and Imiprothrin. When they are inhaled, they can cause congestion, difficulty breathing, and extensive coughing. Raid may also cause asthma.

Cypermethrin can also lead to pneumonitis. The other ingredients in the Raid are also harmful to humans.

They can also cause irritation, headaches, dizziness, and even severe sneezing.  You must have a first aid kit in the house in case of any side effects.

If you already have a preexisting condition, inhaling Raid my also lead to a heart attack. Raid is also harmful to kids and pets if they enter the room before it has dried out or when spraying.

If you suspect you or someone has raid poisoning, call 9-1-1 immediately, for instance. You will then be linked to the poison control center for managing the symptom before help arrives.

As you have seen, Raid is a harmful insecticide, and so are others, but that doesn’t mean you cannot use the product. You must exercise caution and follow the instructions when using the product.

Can I Sleep in My Room After Spraying Raid

Can I Sleep In My Room After Spraying Raid? Answer

The answer to whether you can sleep in a room sprayed with Raid is- depends on the following.

There are two different types of raid spray for bugs: non-residual and residual raid spray.

Non-residual Raid spray is active at the time of treatment. It has to be sprayed directly on the insect or bug. Once done, you need to clean the residue with soap and water. This will allow you to sleep safely without worrying about inhaling the fumes.

Residual insecticide, on the other hand, is left to stay for hours and even weeks. This Raid is meant for insects or rodents like cockroaches, ant, and fleas that have invaded your home.

Residual raid insecticide contains active ingredients that are harmful to humans, which is why they must be left after in the sprayed room for future use.

Residual Raid will keep killing bugs and insects even when you are not around. However, if the spray was meant to kill one bug or insect, you must wipe off the spray after killing them.

Other instances will require you to wipe off the resides. They include:

  • If you didn’t aim at the bugs correctly.
  • The products spilled on your floor,
  • If you have sprayed the product on a surface that has foot traffic.

When you spray this in your room, you must give it time for it to dry out before entering the room. The duration will depend on the manufacturer’s instructions, so always read the datasheet before begin your spraying.

After drying out, make sure you open the windows and doors to let in the fresh air. However, the windows and doors should have a protective screen to prevent insects from re-infesting.

Measures to undertake when using Raid Insecticide

There are measures you can take to ensure you are safe from its effects. For instance, before you start spraying Raid in your home, you should wear protective clothing.

Long pants, face mask, shoes, and a long-sleeved shirt are some of the clothing that you should consider. Pants, shoes, and shirts will protect you from skin irritation while the face mask will prevent you from inhaling the fumes.

You must also change your clothes immediately and wash with water and soap to eliminate the harmful chemicals. Also, it is always important to read the label first.

You can also use a dehumidifier to get rid of the raid fumes.

Reading the label before use will provide you with enough instructions and precautions to observe.

Can I Sleep in My Room After Spraying Raid

Children and Pets

Kids and pets are most vulnerable to raid fumes, mainly because their bodies cannot detoxify the fumes quickly. Their bodies are also developing, which means they cannot adequately protect themselves.

Continuous inhalation will cause damage to their nervous system. They will also develop skin irritation, breathing difficulties, and to some extreme, neurological issues, and even developmental delays.

Raid is also harmful to unborn babies, especially when their continued inhalation. For this reason, pregnant women should stay away from a room sprayed with Raid or any other insecticide.

Raid and any other insecticides are also harmful to pets. If your dog comes in contact with raid fumes, it may develop irritation, which may not be a cause for alarm. But, if your dog starts acting in distress, then you may need to call for help.

Signs of a pet with pesticide poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, skin irritation, seizures, and lethargy, among others.

So if you have kids and pets, you need to take them outside or to a friend’s place before spraying. You must also dispose of the gloves also and adequately keep the Raid out of children’s reach.

Final Thoughts on Sleeping in A Room After Spraying Raid

Now that you have the information required, it’s up to you to decide whether you’ll risk it or not.

Always keep children as well as pets away from the room. There are different ways of eliminating insects in your home. While spraying Raid is an effective method, there are some great alternatives.

For example, you can use Tea Tree Oil, which is an effective essential oil for keeping bugs away from your home.

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