How To Keep Your Home Warm Without A Central Heating System: 7 Easy Tips

There is no need to break your bank account to keep your home and yourself warm during the winter season by paying excessive bills for your central heating system.  In the article below, I will take you through 7 easy ways to keep your home warm without a central heating system.

The need to heat your home during the winter season can make your power bills skyrocket.

However, this should not be the case as there are some easy, simple and inexpensive things you can do at home, and the heating bills will not be as high.

Unless you opt for few changes to keep your home warm, your bills will continue going up, and you will still feel cold in case power goes off.

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How To Keep Your Home Warm Without A Central Heating System: 7 Easy Tips

Are temperatures’ dropping too fast, and you want to save on your electricity bill! Worry not.

In the guide below, I will take you through several power saving tips on keeping your home warm without a central heating system.

Having your central heating system on thorough out the winter season can very easily and quickly skyrocket your power bills.

Nevertheless, this should not be the case as there are so many ways to keep your home warm without having the system on.

a)    Fix The Window And Door Gaps

How To Keep Your Home Warm Without A Central Heating System

Air leaks, also known as drafts, can be a nightmare during the cold winter season.

Despite making your home cold by letting cold air in during winter, they can make your power bills skyrocket as you will need a lot of heat to warm your home.

A drafty home can significantly make your home cold during winter and allow in water which could lead to insects’ manifestation.

Drafts are commonly found around windows and doors, wiring holes and chimneys, attic hatches and plumbing vents, among other spots.

When it is almost winter season, ensure to check any leakage and seal it properly.

There Are Different Ways That You Can Employ To Check For Any Draft.

-You can feel by your hand or light an incense stick and place it around the windows and doors and look out for any irregular smoke movement.

-You can purchase a thermal leak detector online. It uses infrared ray sensors to measure temperature on a different surface.

How To Fix Drafts In Your Home

-Seal any openings around your windows

Weather-strip tape or caulk. This is a simple yet effective way to seal out those small leaks around the window frames.

-Roll up spare blankets, towels or clothes and place them under the door.  This is a cheap and easy solution available at home.

-Install a door sweep. A door sweep is efficient in protecting your house during winter and summer from snow, insects, dust etc.

-Add a storm door. Storm doors can help regulate temperatures in your house. The extra layer helps insulate your home when it is cold.

-Purchase a window insulating kit

b)   Run The Ceiling Fan On Reverse.

How To Keep Your Home Warm Without A Central Heating System

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Ceiling fans are not only used during hot and humid days but also during the cold winter season.

The fan circulates air during hot summer weather to make your home cooler.

Since warm air usually hovers around the ceiling during the summer period, the fan spins counter-clockwise, thus pushing the warm air down, which in turn pushes down the cooler air in the middle, making the room cooler.

During winter, you should reverse the direction to which the fan rotates.

The fan should spin clockwise, creating an opposite effect.

The fan blade pulls the cold air up, displacing the warm air which flows downward, making the room warmer.

Reduce your energy bills by employing such an easy trick.

Also, take advantage of re-adjusting the fan direction to clean the blades as well.

It is very easy to forget to clean fan blades, which usually harbor dirt and dust.

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c)    Draw In The Curtains

How To Keep Your Home Warm Without A Central Heating System

Always ensure to have the curtains open so that solar heat can warm up your house during the day, and make sure you draw the curtains back when evening comes.

This simple technique always helps to trap the warmth inside the house.

Besides, you can switch from your light sheers to black-out curtains which have got thermal 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07D6HCZTY

Unlike replacing an entire old window with modern energy-efficient models, thermal curtains are cheaper.

In addition, they prevent heat loss during winter and heat gain when it’s summertime.

Therefore, thermal curtains can greatly reduce your power bills.

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d)   Carpet Your Floor/Use Thick Rugs

How To Keep Your Home Warm Without A Central Heating System

During the winter season, the tiled or wooden floor is never too comfortable for our feet.

The floor tends to get very cold during the cold season, unlike summertime.

When it is winter, ensure to insulate your rooms with a wall to wall carpet or area rugs.

Even though rugs do not make the home warmer, they usually insulate the floor to not feel cold to your 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0755BLG49

Just like the jackets we put on when cold, area rugs /carpets insulate cold floors.

Area rugs such as the ones made from sheepskin not only make your home elegant, they are cosy and feel nice on the feet and very good at insulating.

e)   Invest In Good And Warm Beddings

Warm bedding is an obvious solution to keep cold at bay during the winter season.

By layering yourself with warm beddings can keep you warm for some time when you go to bed.

Replace your satin sheets with flannel, and on top, place a warm blanket/comforter /duvet.

An electric blanket will do the trick for the extra warmth as long as it is used correctly.

Electric blankets are not to be used by children due to the risk involved.

An electric mattress pad is another choice that will help keep your entire bed warm.

f)     Close All The Rooms, Not In Use

Make sure to close all the rooms not in use during the winter season.

If your guest room is not in use, it is only ideal to close the doors leading to that room and all vents inside it.

During winter, the room might be cold, but there will be no need to heat it as long as the doors are closed.

Not warming such rooms will save you a few coins on energy saved.

g)    Try A Space Heaterir?t=betty0f3 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07W7PZK6D

Temperature between 15.6 to 19 degrees Celsius is recommended for a sound sleep in the bedroom.

If your bedroom temperature goes below the recommended one, you can always warm it up without turning the central heating system by using a portable space heater.

Space heater has become popular in heating enclosed spaces like offices, bedroom etc., without the need to switch on the central heating system.

There are several brands available for one to choose from in the market.

Make sure you make the right choice by measuring the room you want to heat and buying the correct size for it.

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Final Thoughts On How To Keep Your Home Warm Without A Central Heating System

We cannot stop the winter season from coming, but we can always take precautionary measures to make our homes warm naturally without invoking high electric bill.

The high cost of living has made people think of ways to stay warm indoors without switching the central heating system.

In the article above, I have listed several tips on keeping your home warm without a central heating system.

Whatever method you decide to choose will depend on your needs as different people have different priorities and lifestyles.

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